We Added Social Login

Registering on websites is difficult. As well as trying to remember yet another username and password combination is. Here at Mega Depot, we understand that social login makes it easy for people to register on a site and quickly sign in using the social network or email identities they already have.

Added Social Login

...Though it took a while, the development of our social login system is finally complete and we hope it’s going to be more than worth it, and you will enjoy every benefit of our “Log In with Twitter”, “Log In with Facebook”, “Log In with LinkedIn”, “Log In with Google” or "Log in with Amazon".

Benefits and advantages

As the majority of researchers state - Social Login is NECESSARY to create lasting and meaningful relationships with your customers.

The major advantages of social login buttons for you and us include:

  • Rapid signup/user adoption: You now have no need to type a thing, you’ll simply grant your system access to your existing credentials.
  • Photo integration: Social networks allow you to import your photograph into our system immediately.
  • Email contact: Many social networks allow us to pull in contact details from the user (such as an email address), making it very easy to communicate with you.
  • Spam reduction: Because social networks authenticate individuals and generally don’t allow multiple accounts, the likelihood of false identities and spammers goes down.

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