Wall-Mounted Lockout Boxes

Wall-Mounted Lockout Boxes

Wall-mounted lockout boxes are used to store lockout/tagout devices (like lockout padlocks) and keys in one location. They are used in a group lockout/tagout process when a team is working. There are hooks to store keys inside the box and holes for padlocks on the outside of the box. 

An authorized employee (the one responsible for lockout/tagout) uses a lockout device (e.g. a padlock) on each energy isolation point in order to lock out the equipment. The lock keys are put in the lock box. Then, each employee affixes their lockout padlock to the lock box. As long as at least one employee’s padlock is on the lock box, there is no access to the keys to the equipment locks. As a result, the equipment can’t be restarted. It is done to ensure each employee’s safety.   

To clearly separate lockout box worker groups & equipment, we recommend using a handheld label maker. It will also help you with any industrial labeling task.  

Typically, wall-mounted lock boxes are placed at a convenient access point near operating equipment so that employees can easily locate the box. If a lockout box is wall-mounted in a certain place, it won’t be misplaced (like a portable lockout box can be).

When it comes to lockout boxes, there are portable, wall-mounted, and a combination of portable/wall-mounted solutions that have a wall-mounting bracket to be installed on the wall and a handle when you need to take the box to another location.

Wall-mounted lock boxes are available in compact (small), medium, and large sizes. The size is chosen depending on the number of padlocks and keys that will be used.

Lockout boxes are made using various materials, including stainless steel, plastic, etc. In the process of lockout box manufacturing, a great alternative to regular stainless steel is recycled stainless steel. For example, Zing Green Products offers the 6061R RecycLockout Group Lockout Box, a portable solution. It is UL Validated for recycled content.

There are many different manufacturers that offer reliable wall-mounted lockout boxes. Let’s consider some of the most popular ones and their products.

Brady wall-mounted lockout boxes are available in various options. Pay attention to the Brady 105714 (a smaller one) and 105715 (a bigger one) wall-mounted lockout boxes. These boxes are made of durable steel that is powder-coated. The boxes have a key slot on top and a clear Lexan window that slides out when you remove the locks. Brady wall-mounted lockout boxes include key pegs so that key management is easier, in some models, there are also predrilled holes to install the box on the wall. Each employee places their own lock on the lockout box. Note that when the employee’s lock is on the lockout box, the keys intended for the job locks that are contained inside can’t be accessed.   

If you need a plastic lockout box, the GLB26 & the 152189 options will be perfect. They have locking tabs that fully secure the viewing panel & prevent key removal.

Master Lock wall-mounted lockout boxes are built to last. They have a rugged construction and are easy to use. The boxes that are made of 430-grade stainless steel with heavy-duty powder coating have high corrosion resistance, they can withstand the toughest environments. Models with a mounting bracket have a special locking mechanism that prevents the removal of the lockout box from the wall if it is not desired. You can easily install the lock box on the wall for routine & daily use.

The Master Lock S3650 group lock box with a wall-mounting bracket allows you to easily monitor the status of a group lockout/tagout thanks to a rewritable tag on the front side of the box & a clear, impact-resistant window. A front latch secures the door. A carrying handle will be useful if you need to remove the lock box from the wall and make it portable for remote lockouts. The wall-mounting bracket for the S3650 lockout box is made of the same corrosion-resistant steel, in addition, it has a rewritable tag for labeling.

With NMC wall-mounted lockout boxes, you get controlled access to keys that could enable potentially hazardous situations. Using a lockout box will protect employees if there are equipment maintenance or repair operations. The NMC GLBW group lockout box with a wall mount is made of steel to ensure durability and it also has round corners. The NMC GLBWM is another steel wall-mounted lock box. It’s a bit smaller than the GLBW model. Both of them are equipped with a convenient handle for transporting when the box is not on the wall.

Zing Green Products wall-mounted lockout boxes are designed to provide convenient protection when group lockout takes place. Some boxes have pre-drilled holes for wall mounting. Clear doors that are made of plastic allow you to see what’s inside the box. There are handles if you need portability.

The 7388 steel double group wall-mounted lockout box has 2 plastic windows. It’s a great solution if you need to visually separate 2 areas in one box. There are 12 holes for padlocks. The 7813 is a heavy-duty polycarbonate group lockout box. There are 12 holes on the sides (6 holes per 1 side) and also 1 for the supervisor’s padlock.

Lockout boxes are considered to be an integral part of a lockout/tagout procedure. Using a lockout box allows you to reduce the number of locks required as well as limit weight on energy points (by reducing the number of hasps). It’s important to know which wall-mounted lockout box you need and select the best one for your application on Mega Depot! In addition, on our website, you can find out about How to Enhance Industrial Security: a Focus on Lockout & Tagout.

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