Voltage Testers

Nowadays, there are many products to choose from. It is important to consider such factors as functionality, design, and the purpose of usage.

Voltage testers determine if there is electricity in the device/piece of equipment you test. Various models have different indicators, for example, LED lights or sound signals. They come in different sizes and forms. There are handheld devices that look like a screwdriver or a marker. There are testers that have a small neon bulb and 2 insulated wires that are attached to the bottom of the bulb housing. Here, each wire ends in a metal test probe. 

Before using your non-contact voltage tester where you need it, place the tip of the tester on the live wire or system you know and only then you can use the device to check the wire/system you need. The tip of the tester has a special sensor that detects if there is voltage when touching a conductor, outlet, etc. An indicator will let you know that the voltage is present. A typical voltage tester consists of a connector attached to a bus bar in the supply cabinet and a light-emitting diode inside of a small housing with a window to view the light. 

A 2-wire voltage tester has one lead that is connected to a ground reference and the other lead that is intended to test for current in the wire you need to check.


You should use these devices carefully, please read the manufacturer’s instructions prior to working with any meter. It is worth mentioning that any accidental contact with live wiring can result in an electric shock, which nobody wants. It is recommended to pay attention to high-quality devices from the best manufacturers.

These products are widely utilized by electricians, but they may be purchased for domestic use as well.

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