VACUUBRAND Vacuum Rotary Evaporators. Review

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VACUUBRAND Vacuum Rotary Evaporators. Review

There are various methods for distilling solvents, the use of which depends on the number of components in the mixture, their physicochemical properties, and other factors. A vacuum rotary evaporator, created in 1950 by the American biochemist Lyman Craig, is a distilling invention now improved and used in laboratory practice.

Vacuum requirements used in rotary evaporators can vary significantly depending on solvents and distillation temperatures. Therefore, modern vacuum stations are equipped with integrated vacuum controllers in order to achieve an optimal evaporation rate. This significantly shortens the processing time and reduces the harmful effects of solvent vapors on the environment.

VACUUBRAND keeps pace with modern technological advances and innovations by introducing improvements to its rotary evaporator models. For example, you can pay attention to the PC 3001 VARIO® select pumping unit with the new VACUU•SELECT controller, which we will discuss below.

Use ready-made programs to perform common evacuation tasks;The PC 3001 VARIO® select pumping unit is a state-of-the-art chemical vacuum station that precisely maintains the required vacuum level and is even suitable for working with high-boiling solvents. The innovative integrated VACUUSELECT touch screen controller has an intuitive user interface and predefined applications to make your laboratory work easier.

  • Run fully automated distillation;
  • Add your own programs with the required parameters.

For the distillation of solvents, the VACUU•SELECT controller automatically detects boiling points and maintains the correct vacuum level in the system throughout the entire process. All you need is to press ‘play’ and do your more important tasks.

VACUUBRAND Rotary Evaporators are used worldwide in chemical synthesis laboratories for concentrating solutions, recovering solvents, drying powders, and conducting reactions in reverse distillation mode.

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