U.S. Jack Buying Guide & Review

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U.S. Jack Buying Guide & Review

Which hydraulic jack is best for me? What is a scissor jack used for? How does a hydraulic jack work? And for many other questions, Mega Depot gives you simple and clear answers. 

U.S. Jack is a well-known American manufacturer of top-quality hydraulic jacks that are in constant demand. All U.S. Jack products are manufactured exclusively in the USA. For a complete picture of understanding which brand you will be working with, and what exactly will suit your work best, we have structured the product portfolio by specifying all the needed information, expanding it with the answers to the most frequently asked questions. The article includes the following points:

U.S. Jack Hydraulic Products

Hydraulic jacks can be called indispensable mechanisms for a wide variety of applications. Such a tool is intended for lifting heavy objects to a low height. The hydraulic jack device has quite a simple working principle, which ensures a long service life: it uses an incompressible fluid that is pumped into the cylinder using a plunger pump. This device has found its use in auto repair shops, tire, and maintenance services, equally successfully lifting cars, SUVs, and trucks.



When it comes to quality and reliable hydraulic equipment, U.S. Jack is always ahead. Mega Depot has divided the U.S. Jack hydraulic jacks into 4 types: 

  • Standard Hydraulic Bottle
  • Hi-Range Hydraulic Bottle
  • Short Hydraulic Bottle
  • Long-Ram Hydraulic Jack

Surely, rather striking common features unite all the types. The company’s durable jacks withstand from 3 to 60 tons (depending on the model), they are made in the USA from ductile iron, which gives them the possibility of continuous use and long service life. The steel plunger and pump piston are nickel-plated to prevent rust and corrosion. These jacks are designed with helpful safety features like a fluid bypass and a stop ring for more reliable performance. All U.S. Jack hydraulic jacks have a safety valve corresponding to an overload factor of 50% according to ASME/PASE-2014 standards.

Having examined the general characteristics, we came to the consideration of the specifications of each type.


Standard Hydraulic Bottle Jacks

Standard Bottle Jacks can lift 3, 5, 8, 12, 20, 30, and 60 tons. They are used for all types and sizes of vehicles, such as heavy trucks, defense vehicles, equipment used for building construction. For example, the U.S. Jack D-51125 12 ton bottle jack is perfect for the lifting of agricultural equipment, building sections, and tall vehicles.

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Hi-Range Hydraulic Bottle Jacks

Hi-Range bottle jacks provide 33% more lift heights. They are used in the same range of spheres as the standard U.S. Jack jacks; these are heavy trucks, military vehicles, and more.

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Short Hydraulic Bottle Jacks

Short Hydraulic Bottle Jacks possess the same quality and solid build as the rest of hydraulic bottle jacks. They are designed for vehicles with low ground clearance. They are extra-durable to safely support the vehicles. The devices are produced in 12- and 20-ton capacity only.

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Long Ram Hydraulic Jacks

Long ram hydraulic jacks are engineered to be used most generally with engine hoists, hydraulic cranes, and for mechanical, farm, and automotive applications.

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U.S. Jack has two more useful pieces of hydraulic equipment that are 100% USA-made and available in 4-, 10-, and 20-ton capacities. 

  • All-In-One Hydraulic Assemblies - made from US steel and ductile iron castings
  • Hydraulic Jack Kit - manufactured from solid US steel


All-In-One Hydraulic Assemblies

The hydraulic pump, hose, and ram assemblies are shipped pre-assembled, thus they are immediately ready for use. It is a versatile tool containing all the necessary elements to help you with a variety of tasks:

  • for equipment maintenance and leveling
  • for pin or bushing removal
  • for material positioning and fabrication.

Hydraulic Jack Kit

Port-A-Power Hydraulic Kit is a must-have. It is the ideal solution for on-the-go assistance, utility garages, and more. U.S. Jack kits include all the necessary elements for the accurate work of lifting, pushing, or spreading different-sized elements.

Hydraulic Pump for 4-Ton Jacks
U.S. Jack 5-52005 Hydraulic Pump for 4-Ton Jacks
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4-Ton Starter Jack Kit
U.S. Jack 5-52001 4-Ton Starter Jack Kit
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U.S. Jack also has an ideal piece of equipment for truck dealers, heavy-duty transmission repair centers, auto shops, and anyone who frequently or regularly works with the installation or removal of transmissions on diverse types of vehicles.

  • Hydraulic Transmission Jacks - heavy-duty transmission for 1-1/2 ton capacity


Truck Transmission Jack

Maximum versatility and ease of use: fully adjustable saddle and arms, handle rotates 360 degrees, safe overloading system with ASME/PASE load limiter standard.

Low-Boy Truck Transmission Jack

It has all the same features, but with the only difference - a wider chassis opening and a higher lift range.

Low Boy Transmission Jack
U.S. Jack 57200 7.75" x 25" x 45" Low Boy Transmission Jack
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Low Boy Transmission Jack
U.S. Jack 57201 4.75" x 32.75" x 43.25" Low Boy Transmission Jack
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Flat or damaged tires happen to everyone and often at the wrong time or on the road. The best and fastest solution is a scissor jack since it’s specifically designed for a car tire change. U.S. Jack made it compact and user-friendly. Load capacity up to one and a half tons allows you to quickly replace the tire.

Scissor Jack

U.S. Jack scissor jack has two main and advanced features:

  • The combination screw with left and right threads provides increased lifting speed of the scissor jack.
  • The 2-piece extended handle gives a wider reach and ease of use.
1.5-Ton Medium Duty Jack
U.S. Jack SJ1.5 1.5-Ton Medium Duty Jack
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Important to know when working with a scissor jack

Note 1: do not use it for mechanical work under a vehicle. It does not lift as high as a hydraulic jack, which allows you to work longer.

Note 2: the jack must be placed underneath the regular places located near the wheels.

Note 3: the scissor jack can only lift up to 1.5 tons, which is a maximum of 3000 lbs.

Note 4: the lifting height of the U.S. Jack scissor jack extends to 13 inches. But do not stretch it to the maximum, since the higher the jack is stretched, the more unstable it becomes. It is normal when the wheel is one or two inches off the ground. This allows for easy and safe tire changes.

U.S. Jack Scissor Jack is 100% US-made and is the best choice in case of an emergency.


Scissor jacks are fully safe only when you use them for their intended purpose - changing wheels and tires

Garage / Jack Stands

Safety is the first thing to be observed when working under a vehicle. The U.S. Jack took care of this by creating strong and highly reliable Lifting Garage Stands that are meet SME PASE-2014 standards. Jack stands are sold and used only in pairs, which provides you with double the reliability and durability of the lifted load.

The characteristics of U.S. Jack Garage Stands bring this equipment to the forefront, significantly distinguishing them from other manufacturers.

  • Welded together from high-quality American steel.
  • Have two fixing teeth made of ductile iron.
  • Forged steel legs with a welded ring around the perimeter give additional strength to the structure in 3- and 6-ton models.
  • The 10-ton model has heavy steel corner legs fixed around the perimeter and welded to the legs.
  • All parts are powder coated in matching colors to prolong their durability.

Сannot decide on a good Jack Stand? Know that it is always safe to get under the car on Jack Stands manufactured by U.S. Jack. If we talk about the most versatile and popular model, it will be U.S. Jack D-41610

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To work safely and accurately, trust only the best manufacturers, such as U.S. Jack. We hope we have provided useful information about U.S. Jack hydraulic jacks, garage jacks, and scissor jacks. 

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