Ultrasonic Leak Detectors

It is highly important to monitor pressurized systems in order not to suffer from leakage consequences. Leaks can result in money loss or even putting people’s lives at risk.

Ultrasonic leak detectors identify sounds emitted by a pressured gas that goes through a small vent. These sounds are of high-frequency, but a special mechanism converts the sounds into the ones that can be perceptible by people.

Additionally, modern detectors distinguish between leakage sounds and other noises. This feature allows using them in loud environments making these devices versatile.

Leak detection is crucial in saving energy. Removing leaks will help to reduce expenses. It is necessary to take preventive measures and check the systems regularly.

An ultrasonic leak detector is a convenient, handheld device that usually comprises a few elements: a microphone, which should be put in the direction of a noise source, an in-built display (to see measurement readings), a mechanism inside the device that converts any ultrasonic noise into a perceptible sound, headphones or speakers (to hear the increasing leakage sound) and buttons.

Ultrasonic leak detectors are portable and user-friendly. They are battery-powered and can be transferred from one place to another effortlessly.

Modern models feature special accessories to get to the places that are hard to reach. When using the device, check the frequency range it supports. This will enhance the level of the process efficiency.

Nowadays, it is easy to find devices with different specifications to suit your working environment: for example, hot or cold weather, conditions with increased humidity level and more. Some models are equipped with over range indicators, so the operator is able to regulate the sensitivity of the device. Ultrasonic leak detectors are used for leakage testing in HVAC systems, vessels etc. The devices detect leaks in tubes, pipes, tires, radiators and more.

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