MegaDepot Top Bestsellers of This Winter Feb. 21, 2017

Holidays period is, without a doubt, the most magical and breathtaking part of the year. With the beauty of winter comes the beauty of home decoration and gift giving, or as some may call it – the Christmas spirit. And even though everything comes to an end, we would like to share one last thing with you before the wintertime is truly over. MegaDepot is happy to share the list of our top best selling products of this winter.

We start off with a nifty device that will surely come in handy for any house owners that want to set up their own water supply system. A great benefit of such device is that it does not require any additional source of power. MegaDepot is happy to introduce Alemite 9968 – a RAM pump, specifically suited for setting up water supply systems in remote areas and elevated locations. This gadget has what you need – high pump rate, rugged and wear-resistant materials, low sound, easy maintenance – a perfect match for a great price. If you are looking for a RAM pump – look no further, as you have found what will suit all your needs.

We move on to another great device, manufactured by the company already mentioned above – Alemite 585-B1 Grease Gun With the shift of application fields and functions, the delivery level does not change: top notch quality at a reasonable price. This powerful, lightweight, and easy-to-use piece of equipment will feel right at home in any garage or a workshop.

Next up we have an innovative and unique utility that will change your idea of personal security – Master Lock 5900D personal portable safe. That’s right, it’s not a typo. A personal portable safe. This neat little device offers so much comfort and protection that it’s kind of hard to believe this idea didn’t emerge any sooner. Store your mobile phones, your wallet, your camera, your passport – or all of those things and many more – while you are doing sports, traveling, swimming, or just walking around the city or getting out of a car for a few moments. The protection this utility provides can only be compared with the peace of mind you experience when you use this portable safe. Oh, and there’s an intriguing surprise to this product, but we are going to reveal that a bit later.

Just short of the top seller stands the FLIR MR176. This device takes an innovative and extremely useful idea and takes it even further. Meet the thermal imaging moisture meter. By taking the highest level of thermal imaging and applying it to a relevant, popular, and important field, FLIR have reached new heights in creating the ultimate test equipment. This gadget proves itself useful in a wide variety of spheres - from home inspection and construction to gas leak detection. Don’t get misguided by defining thermal imaging moisture meters as a niche product – their niche covers such a great variety of situations that many general purpose products fail to come even close. And don’t worry, we remember about the surprise.

Finally, we come to the one that rules them all – FLIR C2. Yes, it’s been around for quite some time, but there’s a reason for that – no product remains at the top of its category for so long by accident. The quality of this device can be only matched by the variety of its applications and functions. Architecture, construction process, fire fighting, powerline management, equipment diagnostics – you name it, FLIR C2 has a solution for it. Ergonomic design (that makes it look like a smartphone), superb quality, and a reasonable price – those are the ingredients of a perfect device.

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