3 Ways To Improve Your Performance With Allegro Industries

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Allegro Industries represents a brand with superior expertise in several industrial fields. Manufacturing respiratory and ventilation equipment, air sources, tools for confined spaces, and more, the company aims at ease and safety of your performance!

What distinguishes a true professional these days? Modern professionals seek to improve their skills while, at the same time, tend to simplify and optimize some of their tasks. Simplification or automation of certain parts of work makes a great contribution to the efficiency of working time and correct distribution of the expenses. As a result, many types of work require less labor and time, thus, bring more income in a shorter period of time.

1. Magnetic lid lifters



Have you ever been challenged with lifting a heavy manhole cover or another heavy lid? Do you think it’s possible to do it alone? Indeed, it is possible! And you don’t have to be a powerlifter to do this.



Magnetic lid lifters manufactured by Allegro are here to assist! If your job presumes lifting heavy objects, like grates, lids, or metal covers, as well as transporting them around a workplace – the company’s rugged dollies are the best solution. They facilitate challenging procedures of lifting/removal of lids and allow tackling these challenges by just one worker, without anyone’s help! A simple, yet functional asset is easy to use and transport. Get rid of muscle strains and eliminate stress on your back!

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How to use a magnetic lid lifter?

To use a magnetic lid lifter, follow these simple steps:

  1. Unfold the unit.
  2. Attach the magnet to the dolly (insert the locking pin into the magnetic collar).
  3. Make sure the magnet handle is not facing the handles of the dolly.
  4. Place the magnet in the middle of the lid.
  5. Put the magnet handle into the "ON" position.
  6. Push down on the handle – done!

Note: If you operate with a lid that is stuck due to residue build-up, place the magnet on a side of the lid to free it and then use it as described in steps 4, 5, and 6.

2. Equipment and Accessories For Personal Safety At Worksite



The job of a welder is one of the most dangerous because of the phenomena that accompany this process. Depending on a method of welding, the air around a welder gets saturated with fumes, containing hazardous particles of various sizes. Inhalation of the latter poses a risk to employee’s health and working capacity – it may lead to poisoning, lung diseases, and even premature retirement. If you do your job or certain tasks in a hazardous environment or operate with harmful substances – your first priority is to think about personal safety in the workplace.



Fume Extractors by Allegro represent superior equipment intended for applications in various situations, including MIG (mechanized inert gas), TIG (tungsten-arc inert-gas), as well as soldering. Versatile use, high and low extraction capabilities make these portable extractors the best solution for capturing/controlling Hexavalent Chromium and spark trapping.

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Welding Helmets are indispensable assets of a welder for they protect users’ eyes and face against sparks and splashes of molten metal. The welding helmet PAPR (powered air-purifying respirator) assemblies by Allegro provide reliable head, eye, and neck protection along with a constant supply of breathable air from a clean source.

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Full Mask Systems or Respirators provide employees with protection against inhalation of gases, dust, fumes, smoke, and harmful vapors. Along with a protective mask, this equipment comprises a lightweight, portable air source, which supplies a worker with pure air. These utilities feature simple usage and durable service.

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3. Air Ventilation and Extraction



Technicians, contractors, and other employees do their job in confined spaces face big risks. The OSHA recommends the use of continuous (forced) air ventilation inside such spaces. Depending on tasks or places the workers operate in, it may become necessary to ventilate – blowing the fresh air into a place or extract – remove the contaminated air away from such workplaces.



Air Blowers. The majority of blowers by Allegro can do both. Capable of transforming, the blowers pull the contaminated air away from a confined space and, in case of a need – blow fresh air inside.

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Being an experienced manufacturer of safety equipment, Allegro strives to ensure ease of use of each product and provides employees with confidence in the high-quality output of every application. Don’t get distracted by details, use Allegro equipment and perform professionally!