The Best Bricklaying Tools

The Best Bricklaying Tools

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Choosing reliable bricklaying tools is crucial for a bricklayer to get the job done fast and effectively, without any problems. When it comes to bricklaying, every small detail matters and affects the final result.

The process of selecting quality tools is not a walk in the park, there are so many options available! But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, you will find out about the best tools for bricklaying. Let’s get started!


The Best Tools For Bricklayers

You need the right tool for the right job. There are several essential tools you must have. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Brick Trowel

Kraft Tool Company RO221-10

Kraft Tool Company

It is a number one bricklaying tool hands down. With the help of this instrument, a worker lays down the mortar for bricks and removes excess mortar. Typically, a brick trowel has a flat, steel blade (pointed at the end) and a wooden handle that is attached to the blade by a vertical metal arm.

There are different tools for different purposes. If you need a heavy-duty tool, pay attention to trowels with a more sturdy construction, as a rule, they are big enough and have wider heels so you can grab more mortar.

A 10” Wide Heel Brick Trowel with 6" Wood Handle by Kraft Tool is a perfect option for use on thick walls.

The blade is hand polished for more flexibility & comfort.

Pointing Trowel

Kraft Tool Company GG420PF

Kraft Tool Company

Pointing trowels are perfect for small jobs. They are used to fill and shape masonry joints. In addition, you can extract a brick out of a wall (if it is damaged, for example).

When it comes to pointing trowels, we recommend you to pay attention to a 4" x 2" Pointing Trowel with ProForm® Handle by Kraft Tool. In case you need a versatile pointing trowel, this is the one!

It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including scraping, digging, mixing, patching, repair work, etc. It has a very comfortable ProForm® soft grip handle. You can rest assured that you will get a great grip even when your hand or tool is wet. Plus an orange handle will help you find the tool in a matter of seconds. This pointing trowel is tempered and ground for excellent flexibility as well as great balance.

Finishing Trowel

Kraft Tool Company CF201PF

Kraft Tool Company

This tool is used to smooth out such materials as mortar, plaster, as well as concrete. This trowel has a straight, angled blade that is designed to fit precisely into right angles. Wider trowels are used for vertical applications and narrow trowels are great for finishing.

So you need a good finishing trowel but you don’t know which one to choose. Look at the 10" x 3" Carbon Steel Cement Trowel with ProForm® Handle by Kraft Tool.

It is a professional quality tool that is precision balanced. Note that each blade is cross ground to just the right dimension. With this trowel, you will smooth out the material all the way to the corners. The tool is suitable for both small and large projects. A high-strength, lightweight cast aluminum mounting is perfect to withstand the rigors of cement work. This finishing trowel has an oversized toe rivet that provides extra strength when applying pressure. Due to a no-turn handle design, the handle is locked to mounting. ProForm® soft grip handle provides more comfort when using the tool.


A hawk is a square, handheld tool that is used to hold plaster (mortar). It is designed so you can quickly, repeatedly and effortlessly get some of the material on the tool and after that, apply the material to the surface (e.g. a wall).

Kraft Tool Company PL512PF

Kraft Tool Company

This instrument is irreplaceable for plastering walls or filling gaps between bricks on the face of a wall. A hawk has a straight handle underneath for easy carrying.

A good option will be a 12" x 12" Aluminum Hawk with ProForm® Handle by Kraft Tool.

It is an affordable instrument made of strong heavy-duty materials. The hawk is lightweight and is popular among professionals. The blade has rounded corners for safe and convenient use as well as for long service life (the edges won’t wear away like harsh edges will). In addition, with rounded edges, you don’t have to worry about catching on things. A 4" flange reinforces the center of the board to keep its shape. The blade is machine scored in a spiral pattern in order to control drywall mud, plaster, etc. and keep it centered on the tool. Beneath the blade, you can find a sponge rubber hand protector so you can forget about calluses. A comfortable grip is guaranteed thanks to ProForm® soft grip handle. It features an enhanced texture ribbing to reduce fatigue and provide the best grip (even when wet).

Brick Hammer

Kraft Tool Company BL152

Kraft Tool Company

This tool is a must-have in any bricklayer’s bag. With a brick hammer, you will line up bricks the right way. Plus you will cut and set bricks and in some cases, you can also strike brickwork into place. No one will deny that a brick hammer should be well-constructed, it should be durable enough to withstand a bricklayer’s day-to-day work. It is important to mention that you always need to wear eye protection when using this tool.

We recommend you this Brick Hammer (32 oz. head) by Kraft Tool.

It is a heavy-duty brick hammer with the head that is forged from high-quality steel. The head of this hammer provides force when chipping away at brick/stone. On the other side of the tool, there is a chisel end so you can easily break brick/stone. The handle is convenient to grip.

Bolster Chisel

Kraft Tool Company BL426

Kraft Tool Company

A bolster chisel (also known as a brick bolster) is used for cutting brick and stone.

To use a bolster chisel, mark an outline on the brick, then, using a bolster chisel, make a line along (at least) 2 sides of the brick. After that, you can split the brick (hit the flat side of the bolster with a hammer). Chip away excess parts of the brick.

On Mega Depot, you can get a 4" English Bolster Chisel by Kraft Tool. It is forged as well as heat treated for extended service life.

The tool is easy to hold thanks to a rubber grip.

Brick Jointer

Kraft Tool Company RO5121-5/8x3/4

Kraft Tool Company

A brick jointer is used to imprint grooves into recently filled mortar joints when they are starting to set. Why use this tool? It helps enhance the lifespan of the mortar.

Brick jointers help evenly compact the mortar and ensure that moisture is unable to penetrate joints.

You can pay attention to a 5/8" x 3/4" Convex Jointer by Kraft Tool. It will help you create the most popular masonry joint in the US. This tool is perfect if you need a rounded sunken rodded masonry joint. The jointer is versatile, each end makes a different size joint (5/8" and 3/4" respectively).

This convex jointer is made of high-quality steel so it is durable. With a polished steel of this tool you can achieve a smooth joint. The tool is designed for knuckle clearance.

Brick Line

Kraft Tool Company RO689

Kraft Tool Company

A brick line (also known as a mason’s line) is used to make straight lines and a leveled surface. Use a brick line and speed up your work. In case it is used properly, you will get a straight line for accuracy when laying bricks. When choosing a mason’s line, bear in mind that it should be visible.

Kraft Tool offers a wide selection of mason’s lines. A great option will be W. Rose™ Super Tough Bonded Braided Nylon Line Orange, Black & Gold - 685'. It is considered to be one of the best quality mason’s lines on the market today. It is 35% stronger than a regular mason's line. A perfect option for heavy-duty tasks.

Due to special braiding, this mason’s line boasts extra elasticity to eliminate sagging. In addition, the line is alkali resistant. This nylon brick line won’t be affected by mildew, oil, or mortar. Nylon is a great material as it doesn’t absorb water. This mason’s line is tested to 216 lbs. for superior hold.

Kraft Tool Company BL158

Kraft Tool Company

Bricklayer’s Line Pins

To hold a mason’s line, you will definitely need line pins. They are inserted into the brick course, secured between stones, and used as a reference when layering bricks.

Kraft Tool bricklayer line pins are ideal if you value quality.

They are stiff as well as long enough to hold the line. The pins are made of tempered steel. You can purchase a pack of 4 pcs or a pack of 200 pcs. Choose an option that is suitable for your task.

Spirit Level

Beta Tools 016960010

Beta Tools

A spirit level (also known as a bubble level or simply level) in bricklaying is needed to make sure that the surface is completely level. All the bricks should be positioned correctly. The structural integrity and success of the bricklayer’s work in general depends on accuracy. Using a spirit level is unavoidable.

This tool typically has one or more transparent vials that contain liquid (such as ethanol) as well as an air bubble (its position will help you determine whether surfaces are even and straight). You can use a spirit level horizontally to ensure that the surface is flat or vertically to ensure a plumb line (a line that is perfectly vertical).

Using a spirit level is easy. Just place it on the surface, wait for the bubble to settle and ensure that it is properly centered in the tube. If the bubble is not centered, make adjustments by varying the thickness of mortar or by applying pressure on the brick with your hand or a trowel until it indicates a level surface. Change the position of a spirit level to get accurate readings.

There are various models available. For example, you can get the 1696 Series Spirit Level by Beta Tools.

It is made from anodized profile aluminum, the tool has two unbreakable vials. With this spirit level, you will know for sure whether the surface is level or not.

Beta Tools 016924055

Beta Tools 016924055

Tape Measure

A tape measure is a must-have tool when it comes to bricklaying. Basically, you don’t need anything fancy here, just a reliable model.

The 1692HS/5 Measuring Tape by Beta Tools is made of shock-resistant bi-material, precision class II. The length is 16.4 ft (or 5 m).

This tape measure features a wrist strap for more convenience. There are easy to read markings on a yellow steel tape.

Final Thoughts

For the best results you need quality tools, especially if you are a beginner in bricklaying. We hope that after reading this article, you will have all the essentials every bricklayer should have. On our website, you can find a lot of different tools for laying brick. Get the best products that will meet your needs, shop with Mega Depot!

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