SafeWaze Fall Protection Equipment

There is no ceiling when it comes to safety. With this in mind, SafeWaze, a leading manufacturer of PPE, not only produces an extensive variety of new advanced Fall Protection equipment but also constantly improves its existing product lines, exceeding the highest quality and safety standards.

SafeWaze produces all kinds of Fall Protection equipment needed for workers to come back home safe and sound. Mega Depot offers you a wide range of top-notch SafeWaze products, including:


A harness is a system of straps and buckles used to prevent damages caused by a fall. Being a part of a personal fall arrest system, it limits the maximum arresting force on a worker.

Harnesses distribute these forces to the parts of the body best suited to absorb forces and support the weight (e.g., the large muscles of the upper things, chest, and shoulders) and divert the forces from more vulnerable parts of the body, such as the groin, stomach, and neck).

SafeWaze produces best-in-class harnesses that provide ease and comfort of use without sacrificing safety.

The company’s equipment is made of highly durable materials only, no matter metal, plastic, or fabric.

Specialty harnesses from SafeWaze, as well as its second-to-none lines, including SafeWaze PRO, SafeWaze PRO+, and SafeWaze V-LINE, will certainly meet all your requirements, even the most demanding.

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A lanyard is a comparatively short cable or cord used to connect a harness with a lifeline or an anchor point. Lanyards are designed to absorb the shock caused by falls.

SafeWaze offers you lanyards of different lengths and designs, as well as the other types of reliable connectors, including retractable brackets.

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Anchors are used for attachment of the workers’ personal fall arrest equipment, such as lanyards and harnesses. At Mega Depot, you can find a variety of sufficient SafeWaze anchors of different form factors, such as beam, concrete, and roof anchors, as well as carabiners and anchor straps.

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A lifeline prevents workers from falling or reaching fall hazards. Simply put, it is a rope used to save or preserve life while working at height. SafeWaze offers you reliable solutions, ranging from separate ropes to complete lifeline systems.

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SafeWaze produces high-quality Fall Protection equipment that saves workers’ lives at height throughout the world in a wide array of industries, including construction, oil & gas, utilities, roofing, concrete, alternative power, tower, and more. Being on guard of your health and life, the company offers specially-designed products to fulfill the specific needs of every worker, whatever the sphere is.


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