PureAire O2/CO2 Monitors

PureAire O2/CO2 Monitors

PureAire O2/CO2 Monitors are leaders in the oxygen and carbon dioxide monitoring gas leak detection industry. The brand provides high-quality, accurate, long-lasting O2/CO2 monitors to keep the health of their users in safe and prevent manufacturing industries from the gas leaks.

PureAire O2 Monitors provides through air determining, with no long-lasting set or calibration. The screen display allows reading oxygen-level effortlessly. 

An oxygen deficiency monitor is a device that identifies the level of the oxygen in a certain area. These monitors are produced to identify oxygen-depleting gas leaks before the health of the staff is in danger.

An oxygen-depleting gasses as well as N2, He, CO2 and Ar, among others, are both odor-free and colorless. Unfortunately, the staff, who work with such gasses, are unable to identify the gas leaks that occur in a gas cylinder and may not even know that they have breathed the oxygen-deficient air.

PureAire O2 Monitors will show precise measurements even at low temperatures as -40F. When the monitor detects the oxygen-depleting gas leaks, it will activate the alarm that is provided with alarm and flashlights.

PureAire CO2 monitors can be installed in various industrial applications such as food or beverage industry, laboratories or agricultural areas. to control the proper concentration of the carbon dioxide for the yield crops.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is the 4th thickest gas in the earth’s atmosphere. This gas is colorless, odor-free and non-flammable at room temperature. CO2 may cause dizziness, confusion, headache, unconsciousness and asphyxiation that may cause death.

PureAire CO2 monitors are used to provide carbon dioxide detection in maintained areas. The quality level of the air is measured every 2 seconds and is visible on an easy-to-read screen display.

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