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Corralling your livestock can be cumbersome, especially if your herds have a habit of wandering off to your neighbor’s property as soon as your back is turned. No fence is too high for wild animals to get at your precious livestock either. Needless to say, electric fencing can come in handy to ensure that your investment stays put and that predators are kept out. This is exactly what compels most farmers to install electrical fencing around their properties and pastures. In fact, new and emerging technologies have also seen the advent of electric fence energizers that are not only remote control compatible but are tough enough to weather any extreme climatic conditions as well.

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The Benefits of Electric Fencing

Electric fencing is the best way to contain or keep out animals.  It’s economical, easy to install and maintain, and offers better control than conventional barrier fences such as barbed wire and woven wire.

It’s also less harmful than many fence types, which routinely cut, gouge and scrape livestock, leading to expensive vet bills and production losses.

The savings can be significant when compared to other fencing options like barbed wire, woven wire, wood rail, or vinyl fencing.


Power Wizard Shock Technology is the top brand of electric fencing products available today to meet the varied needs of cattle ranchers, dairy farmers, horse owners, small hobby farmers with sheep, goats, or pigs, and even the specialty animal owners of alpacas or llamas.

Power Wizard polywire, polyrope, and polytape feature a mixture of conductors twisted in a special UV protected polyethylene weave.

Power Wizard's NEW Portable Electric Fence Netting has a simple, lightweight design that allows for easy setup in practically any location.

Power Wizard electric fence chargers come in a variety of types to meet the specific needs of your dairy farm, cattle ranch, or hobby farm, and in three models (in accordance to the source they are powered by): plug-in energizers (chargers), battery energizers (chargers) and solar-powered energizers (chargers).

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The Longest Warranty in the Industry

Power Wizard electric fence energizers, known for their high quality and Ultra-low impedance, feature a full three-year warranty, making it the energizer backed with the longest warranty in the industry. This 3-year warranty is the longest warranty by a US manufacturer of electric fence energizers and one to two years longer than similar products offered by other companies. The warranty also covers damage to the energizer caused by lightning and voltage spikes.

Low and Ultra-Low Impedance

Low impedance refers to the technology that enables the fence charger to continue delivering effective shock sensations even though vegetation or weeds may be in contact with the fence wire. Ultra-low impedance fence chargers deliver an effective shock through the most challenging conditions like heavy weeds and wet or snow-covered ground and continue to deliver one electrical burst per second even in the worst ground conditions.

Purchasing Power Wizard's electric fencing equipment means selecting the most effective fencing for Your farming needs.

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