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We gladly present to you our new group of lab products by PolyScience Temperature Control Solutions™!

All of PolyScience products - Refrigerated Circulators, Heated Circulators, Chillers, Recirculating Coolers, Water Baths, and Custom Equipment - are designed and developed by a highly trained engineering team in the U.S.A. to their own rigid standards as well as ISO 9001 quality requirements.

We cataloged the following 7 groups of the company's products to your advantage.

1. Model 3370 Liquid-to-Air Coolers

Liquid-to-air cooling uses ambient air to cool your application. Heated process fluid is pumped through the 3370's fan-cooled heat exchanger and returned to the process.


  • An economical cooling solution for applications where cooling fluid temperature is higher than ambient and temperature control is not required
  • Quiet liquid-to-air cooling
  • Positive displacement or turbine pump
  • Built-in low liquid level indicator

2. Model 4100 Liquid-to-Liquid Coolers

Liquid-to-liquid cooling uses your facility's water, pumped through 4100, to remove heat from your application without the risk of contamination. Heat removal capacity is dependent on the facility water temperature.


  • Protects precision equipment from facility water contaminants
  • Quiet, energy-efficient liquid-to-liquid heat removal
  • Displays temperature and pressure or flow rate information
  • Built-in temperature and low flow alarms

3. Cryoprecipitate Baths

The Cryoprecipitate Baths are self-contained, custom-designed Recirculating Chillers designed for the safe, reliable thawing of Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP) for the recovery of Cryoprecipitated Antihemophilic Factor (AHF). They are capable of thawing up to 24 units of FFP or whole blood (WB) simultaneously.

The units are designed to be used with distilled water. Wetted parts within the recirculation system are brass, stainless steel, polyethylene, EPDM rubber, and nylon. Please ensure that any fluids used with the bath are compatible with these materials.

4. Refrigerated Open Baths

The Forced-Age Testing Baths have built-in drains and removable, cleanable air filters for easy maintenance.

Hinged gable polycarbonate covers optimize temperature stability (when operating at low temperature and high room temperature conditions, or when using the baths at elevated temperatures) and allow any condensate to drain back into the bath.

5. 210 Series Heating Recirculators

Designed to provide low-cost pumping and heating for closed-loop applications, they connect directly to your own tank or system and provide accurate control within a frequently used temperature range. These Recirculators are ideal for applications such as thawing plasma, tempering photographic solutions, or circulating to an external device.

6. Accessories

PolyScience Temperature Control Solutions

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