Pentair UV Sterilizers

Pentair UV Sterilizers

On our website, there is an array of Pentair UV sterilizers to choose from. They effectively reduce microorganisms with UV light.

The SLP Series SafeGUARD UV Systems are perfect for corrosive saltwater environments. UV light intensity distribution is optimized throughout the lamp field. The systems feature single-end UV lamp and quartz sleeve access for trouble-free servicing. With a watertight design of these UV systems, you can rest assured that all electrical hardware is protected from water damage.

SMART UV High-Output Sterilizers are commercial solutions that feature high-output lamps for twice the UV output of standard lamps with the same arc length. To check the lamp status, there are internal viewing ports. These sterilizers are great for various applications, including koi ponds, large recirculating systems, and more. The units have a watertight design, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 

On Mega Depot, you can choose from various models, for example, Pentair Smart UV 40W sterilizers, Pentair 25 Watt UV sterilizers, and more. You can also get UV lamps and ballasts for UV sterilizers. Shop with us and get the right solution for your application!

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