Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Christmas is celebrated annually on December, 25 by many people all around the world. Christmas! Do you feel fresh frosty air? Do you see colorful lights cheerfully glowing in the dark? Do you hear festive songs?

But what makes this period of time so special? These festive winter days are full of joy, laughter, family reunions, congratulations, presents, Christmas carols, movies, music, shopping sales and more!

The festive spirit is incredibly important! Don’t forget to prepare yourself for this holiday! Organize the space around you! One of the Christmas symbols is a Christmas tree. Choosing and decorating it is a creative process, enjoyed by children and adults. Traditionally, all family members take part in trimming the tree. People buy baubles and other decorations of various shapes: hearts, stars, animals, plants etc. Christmas lights are usually used to decorate houses both indoors and outdoors. Another great way of getting into festive spirit is music! Let’s jingle the bells, rock around the Christmas tree and wish everyone Merry Christmas!

However, December, 25th is not the end of festivities! Then comes another big holiday - New Year’s Eve! People celebrate the end of the current year and the beginning of the following one! They throw parties, they dance, sing, eat, drink, play table games and have a lot of fun!