Mercoid Pressure Switches

Mercoid Pressure Switches

Mercoid Pressure switches are types of equipment that operate electrical contact while predetermined fluid pressure is achieved. The pressure switches provide an electrical contact on pressure nor pressure rise or fall from a particular predetermined pressure level. The Mercoid Pressure Switches are commonly used for automatically supervising and controlling systems that use pressurized fluids or to detect mechanical force.

The Mercoid Pressure Switches connect high sensibility and accuracy with adjustable set points through two outward thumb wheels. The precision and narrow dead bands offer the switches being suitable for a variety of accurate pressure control and level control applications.

The Mercoid Pressure Switches DA and DS series is the broadest line around the globe. The DA/DS Series provides extremely high sensibility and great reproductivity. The Mercoid Pressure Switches of the DA series include two extra connectors, the first one operates for setting a high-pressure operating point, and the second one - for setting a low-pressure operating point.

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