Martindale Undercutters: Efficient & Reliable

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Martindale has been providing superior-quality equipment and supplies for over 100 years. The company’s top-rank specialists carry out continuous researches and tests to improve their products and enhance their reliability and efficiency.

Undercutters represent one of the most prominent product lines manufactured by Martindale. These tools are used to process certain workpieces – apply marks/scribes – for further processing and manufacture. The undercutting procedure is one of the essential steps in technological operations for it has a great influence on the quality of output. Correction of undercutting mistakes is a real challenge and sometimes is even impossible, so while choosing an undercutter, one should pay proper attention to the quality and precision of this tool.

The superior quality and wide functionality of Martindale undercutters make these products suitable for different applications with the same high level of results.

Types Of Undercutters

Martindale represents a wide array of undercutters – starting with small handheld to industrial equipment models – that are intended to meet every need and allow to be used in different situations.

Handheld Undercutters

Universal undercutters are intended for cutting V-shaped (with special V-cutters) or U-shaped slots (with the use of saws). The given type of undercutters is easy to use and shows superior reliability.

Imperial undercutters represent efficient devices for use in shops as well as for portable use. These tools are presented in two models – air-powered and electric – with sturdy construction and superior functioning.

Kut-Kwik undercutters are intended for light-duty procedures and areas with limited access. Their compact size allows operating without any restriction in movements. The given series utilize Tungsten/H.S.S. (high-speed steel) saws as well as diamond wheels, depending on the model you choose. They are superior in applications, where others won’t be of any use!

Mica-Miller undercutters are well-known powerful tools with lightweight construction and rugged performance. This type comprises a range of models – air-driven, flex-drive, and with small/standard/heavy-duty heads – which utilize Tungsten-Carbide or High-Speed Steel (H.S.S.) saw blades. The powerful undercutters from Model K are perfect for use in repair shops or industrial applications.

Close-Cut undercutters are intended for smooth operations, especially while finishing off a mica slot in case of necessity to cut within ⅛ IN of a riser.