Markal QUIK STIK®+ Oily Surface Marker

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QUIK STIK®+ Oily Surface

Markal is the global leader in high-performance, hand-held industrial marking products. The company designs and manufactures a variety of markers for a wide range of applications, providing versatile solutions to an expansive array of industries, namely metal production, shipbuilding, automotive assembly, welding, construction, lumber/timber processing, and many more.

With a strong commitment to innovation, Markal constantly expands its product list to include new improved marking solutions.

Features & Benefits:

  • Industrial-grade paint formula for exceptional performance on oily and wet surfaces. Also writes on dry, smooth, or rough surfaces
  • Leaves long-lasting marks on steel, iron, plastic, glass, ceramic, concrete, stone, rubber, and tires
  • Fast-drying, vibrant paint marks dry in 30 seconds to 1 minute on dry surfaces - does not smear when overstacking
  • Twist-up knob easily advances permanent solid paint to keep hands, clothing, and toolboxes clean
  • Weather and UV-resistant for long-lasting marks
  • Easy Grip Airtight Cap for convenient pocket storage keeps the marker clean and fresh between uses
  • Marking range: -50°F to 150°F (-46°C to 66°C)

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