LabTAG MetaliTAG Jan. 24, 2020

When you are in search of labels, you want them to be made from strong, durable material and you do not want them to get off the surface. On top of that, the information on the labels must be easy-to-read.

If you need high-quality labels for metal surfaces, pay attention to LabTAG MetaliTAG cryogenic thermal-transfer labels. They will help you to easily identify metal racks, aluminum and X-ray cassettes, aluminum and stainless steel boxes, polycarbonate cryoboxes, etc.

The items are designed to be used for long-term storage in:

  • liquid and vapor phase liquid nitrogen;
  • liquid helium dewars;
  • lab freezers;
  • dry ice;
  • freezer chambers, etc.

LabTAG MetaliTAG labels have a glove-friendly cryogenic adhesive so it does not stick to anything apart from the surface you need the label to stick to (e.g. aluminum, iron, stainless steel and more). The labels can withstand day-to-day use without losing the information (both printed and written) on them.

The labels are supplied in rolls and are available in various sizes and colors. You can write with permanent markers on these labels. In addition, they are compatible with the majority of thermal-transfer barcode printers.

With LabTAG MetaliTAG labels, the identification of metal racks is easy and fast. Just apply the label to the surface and forget about labeling problems.

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