Independence Day - the Core of Our Beliefs

The 4th of July is the day when the nation celebrates political freedom, conquered by our grand-grand-grandfathers in the bloody battles of the American Revolution. From Alaska and Hawaii to Maine and Washington - all the country is the place for celebrations, fireworks, and patriotic music. Families and friends gather together to mark the birth of a new nation, the greatest in the world.

Ever since thirteen gunshots fired in Bristol in 1777, Independence Day became one of the most favorite American holidays. With picnics and barbecues all over the country, sporting events, and fun competitions, this day is designed for massive festivities John Adams would dream about. Pomp and parade and all the things he described in the letter to his wife the day before the final wording of the Declaration of Independence was approved - all that is what we love about this holiday.

Since the birth of America, there were lots of hurdles and dangers to the country that not only did survive but came to prominence. It’s the day when we celebrate who we are, what we stand for, hoping for an even greater future. The Star-Spangled Banner is fluttering, so let us celebrate!

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