Ideal Circuit Tracer

Ideal Circuit Tracer

Sometimes finding cables, breakers, wires or the problem caused by them is like a hide-and-seek game. The game is often over due to humans' fail and mistakes. When placing wires and cables can be overwhelming and really failing. Ideal circuit tracer is a tool that is used to determine trace wires, breakers and pinpoint opens.

What makes Ideal Circuit Tracer unique? Its unparalleled accuracy.

You don't need to cut holes in the walls randomly, to determine where the problem is. With a Ideal circuit tracer you'll find the problematic area effortlessly and save your money and time. The equipment helps to install breakers and fuses fast and accurately. There is no more need to cut off connected loads to decide what breaker to choose. Just connect the transmitter, scan the wall, scan the breakers and your work is done.

The Ideal Circuit Tracer designed for durable and safe work. Its super-bright display allows it to identify signal strength fast and easy.

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