How to Use Gemoro Testers

How to Use Gemoro Testers

Nowadays, the market offers an extensive variety of jewelry, made of precious metals. However, in order to make sure that the material is genuine, one may need special equipment, such as testers. Gemoro testers are a trusted jewelry test equipment. All items produced by Gemoro are characterized by high quality and precision.

Gemoro 0776 UltraTester 3+ Diamond and Moissanite Tester is a reliable ultimate tester for diamond fraud protection. User-friendly, this UltraTester gives an opportunity to identify the widest range of the electrically conductive moissanite materials available in a fast and easy way. Everything you need is to follow the instructions below:

  1. Switch on the tester by pressing the Power button (it is located on top of the device). The tester will be powered on in less than half a minute.
  2. Gemoro UltraTester 3+

  3. It is important to hold the device correctly. Put the fingers on each finger pad, the device should be on top of your hand.
    Gemoro UltraTester 3+ Gemoro UltraTester 3+
  4. Note that the stone can have your body oil on, so it is recommended to clean the stone before the testing process. You can use a piece of dry tissue for it.
  5. Gemoro UltraTester 3+

  6. Test the flat surface of the stone. The metal tip should be pushed all the way in.
  7. Gemoro UltraTester 3+

  8. In order to eliminate body oil accumulation on the stone, clean the top of the device after tests. Use white paper, for example.
  9. Gemoro UltraTester 3+

  10. In case you need to test unmounted stones, use the loose stone holder (included).

Gemoro UltraTester 3+ color identification

Gemoro UltraTester features patented voice and color-coded identification. Diamond will be identified with a green color code, diamond - with green, moissanite - with blue, metal alert - with red, and sapphire - with a pink color. The stones listed above will also have a voiced identification (except for the sapphire). When testing CZ, the device will show no reaction.

If you need to change the language of the device, power on the tester, hold down the power button till you hear the sound option you want. After that, release your finger from the power button to set the device.

The Gemoro UltraTester features UV-F1 technology. It is intended to identify a wide range of electrically conductive moissanite.

Gemoro UltraTester 3+ Battery Indicator

The tester is equipped with 3 rechargeable batteries. When charging the tester, the battery LED indicator will turn YELLOW for “charging”, GREEN for “fully charged” and RED for “incorrect battery orientation” or “no batteries”.

Please note that the device is not designed to identify and separate synthetic diamonds from natural diamonds.

For more information: GemOro AuRACLE AGT1 Plus Manual

Gemoro 2007 Auracle AGT1 Plus Electronic Gold and Platinum Tester is used to test gold and platinum.

The Gemoro AGT1 is designed to test all colors of gold from 6K to 24K, as well as platinum.

In case of using the tester in the AC mode, you should plug the adapter directly into the top of the tester and switch on the AC power option (the LED bar will light up).

If you are going to use the AGT1 tester in battery power mode, insert the 9V battery into the back of the item (just remove the back battery door).

After power source selection, the tester will indicate that it is ready to work. Follow the steps below:

  1. Plug in the pen probe and remove its cap. Before using the pen probe, it is recommended to test it on a piece of paper in order to absorb the excess liquid.
  2. First, charge the pen probe. Just hold it down to the testing plate and remove it 3 times. Wipe off the residue from the testing plate to avoid stains.
  3. Calibrate the Gemoro AGT1 tester with a dedicated clean piece of non-plated 14K yellow gold. File this piece and clean afterward.
  4. Place the calibration piece on the testing plate. Push the CAL button (the CALIBRATED button will begin to flash).
  5. Push the pen probe down perpendicular on the piece of gold until the reading shows 14K.
  6. Finally, it is possible to test other pieces of gold (don’t forget to file the gold surface before testing).

Please note that it is necessary to ensure that the gold or platinum is fully touching the testing plate.

For more information: GemOro AuRACLE AGT1 Plus Manual

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