How to Select Dino-Lite Microscopes

How to Select Dino-Lite Microscopes

Dino-Lite digital portable microscopes offer you a powerful, feature-reach solution for microscopic observation at magnification up to 90x and 5-megapixel resolution. Top-quality image and durable optics, improved software and developed hardware features give the Dino-Lite a high range to compare with the other products on the market.

The Dino-Lite is a leading manufacturer on the market as they produced handheld digital USB microscopes, these days, the Dino-Lite microscopes are invaluable devices for thousands of companies, users, and industries around the globe.

Features For Choosing The Proper Dino-Lite Microscope

At the first sight, the Dino-Lite digital microscope seems like a gadget, but not like a durable, effective, handheld, and digital microscope. However, Dino-Lite is a digital, handheld, professional, compact microscope that is used for observing applications and it is also used by hobbyists. This portable microscope is produced to provide maximum magnification and clear focus, according to the model you are going to use.

Features For Choosing The Proper Dino-Lite Microscope

Zoom and Magnification

The nozzle length influences the focal space. With an intention of achieving maximum magnification, hold the device on the sample until it catches the focus and then remain to zoom until the inspected sample is in focus for the second time. And when you have achieved a maximum magnification, remember that the microscope is quite far away from the sample and it is allowed only to zoom in at one magnification level.

The magnification relies on the type of the model. Nevertheless, the standard range of the magnification is 10x-220x with 240x in so,e of the newer models like 4000 and 7000 series. Improved working space models generally include a magnification level up to 92x while the T-series models include a fixed magnification of 500x. Specialists-series models may also have a variety of magnification levels.

Video Capture

The Dino-Lite digital microscope offers to capture video with the Dino-Lite program. Just navigate to the “CAPTURE” tab on the main menubar and press on the “VIDEO”. You can set the frame range there, the recording time limit, and permit or prohibit the audio. It is significant to press on the “COMPRESS” tab until you start capturing video and choose from the “COMPRESSORS” list you are offered to select from.

Special Light

Many specific applications in medical, science or other industries demand special lighting. The Dino-Lite models are produced with specific ultraviolet, fluorescent, and infrared lighting and even combinations of a lighting variety.

The Dino-Lite microscopes provide a 1,3- or 5-megapixel optical resolution, a USB connection, and also offer the user-friendly “DINOCAPTURE” software. There are available magnification levels from medium to high (500x). Series with an extra robust metal housing are also a part of this range.

The widely famous series of Dino-Lite fluorescent microscopes are explored as the smallest fluorescent microscopes in the globe. As compared with traditional microscopes that include the band-pass type of emission filters, The Dino-Lite microscopes have high-pass emission filters to offer visibility and sensitivity with a broad spectrum of fluorescent wavelengths.

High Speed

The Dino-Lite with a DVI, VGA, and direct TV connections are probably the best solution for those who work in a working environment, where the use of the computer or a realtime video stream is demanded.

The Dino-Lite microscope models that include a VGA connection may be connected straight away to the VGA screen (computer monitor). The DVI and TV microscope models can be plugged into the TV screen straightaway.

A huge benefit of the fast-speed realtime microscopes is that they provide a high-quality frame rate of up to 60 frames in a second. It is the ideal opportunity in the condition where the realtime image is vital, for instance, such as working on the PCBs or with the items that demand to be moved around under the Dino-Lite microscope.

The Dino-Lite offers a broad spectrum of models that feature a specific illumination such as ultraviolet or infrared to a variety of magnification levels. A huge range of stands and accessories offered with the device completes the products’ line-up and makes you sure that the Dino-Lite meets the preferences of every home user and most demanding professionals.

The Dino-Lite produces a special Edge series that meets the universal range. The Edge series offers the best image quality and great flexibility. The top-quality optics provide a sharp, bright, and natural color image with a low abnormality and panel. The replaceable caps offer you more flexibility for use with all kinds of professional applications.

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