How to Make the Most of Cable Labeling: Three Sure-Fire Ways

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When you come to think of modern technologies, you clearly understand that almost every work and living space is covered up with wires and cables of various kinds. All devices and equipment are usually connected to power sources. But sometimes, devices are interconnected with each other or with particular accessories. Just fancy those bundles and wire cobwebs in specific industrial places!

wire harness Despite the fact that many people – workers and maintainers – daily operate with equipment, very few of them are able to make head or tail of it. That was the reason for a great invention – the procedure of marking or identification. So, what do you need the identification or marking for? The answer is clear:

  • Widening of the wire system is planned in the future;
  • Identification of particular cables or wires is essential for proper maintenance;
  • Reliable performance and results are of high demand;
  • Equipment or devices contain versatile connection wiring;
  • Shutdowns or disconnections of equipment are highly undesirable.

Being easy-to-operate and cost-effective, that procedure greatly facilitates all processes of equipment operation and maintenance and prevents failures in performance or even injuries and fatal outcomes.

Marking & ID recipes


The most effective and professional way to give a so-called "address" to your wire or cable is to use label printers. The performance characteristics of these devices gain deserved recognition:

  • Long-lasting and reliable results in a short time;
  • Absolutely clear interface and display facilitate the use;
  • Beneficial options and additional software allow printing various symbols;
  • Ease-of-use enables any user of your crew to create labels;
  • Loading of consumables is easy;
  • Several label types and styles are up to your choice.

The whole process of label creation with the help of special printing devices takes not more than a minute and provides you with a qualitative and reliable output. To pull this job, you need only three components:

  • a suitable printer (for instance BMP21-PLUS);
  • a compatible ribbon (the pigment) – you can take R4302 by Brady;
  • a compatible cartridge (or a roll of label material).

Load all supplies in respective slots and start printing!

Successful Wire Labelling Formula


According to specific or general needs, you may opt for various types of materials to be used during label creation. The choice also depends on environmental conditions. The user can choose from a wide scope of material types, for instance:

  • vinyl: resistant to oils, water, smudging, and abrasion (you can make use of repositionable markers from Brady);
  • polyolefin: withstands fading and appears to be flame-retardant;
  • nylon: performs well without smudging and is resistant to abrasion;
  • polyester: is capable to handle low temperatures;
  • polyurethane: resists oils and particular solvents;
  • polyimide: heat-resistant (these Brady polyimide labels are great in extreme industrial conditions).

Before choosing, you should think about the possible influence that might affect the labels. You may choose the material as well as the label type:

Permanent markers

Another way to identify or mark your wires and cables is to use markers or labeling pens. This way is also convenient and provides the durability of the written alphanumerics. Depending on your marking needs, you may choose from:

  • permanent markers or pens (for long-lasting results with high resistance to the environment – this labeling pen shows good performance);
  • removable markers (try visual warning devices from Brady for temporary marking results).

The marking technologies and modern ways of its handling turn out to be a great asset in many industries, such as IT technologies, healthcare, telecommunications, and others. Marking or identity labels create a clear understanding of particular cables or wires assignment and the need for special handling. By virtue of this easy process, you allow easy maintenance and relieve one big headache that is sometimes embodied in wire harnesses.

Admire your wires and label the cables!

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