How To Enhance Your Safety With DuPont™ Tychem® & Tyvek® Coveralls

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Our world is constantly improving: nowadays people face global innovations and discoveries almost daily! But have you ever thought about the price some of them pay for this? Tackling hazardous jobs and challenging tasks in different industries, workers risk facing some unwanted consequences concerning their health. That’s when personal protective equipment (PPE) is a must.

The DuPont™ company has been providing and improving PPE solutions for centuries. The company’s specialists carry out permanent collaboration with workers from a wide range of industries as well as with the government in order to ensure innovative and efficient coveralls and suits for a variety of jobs with different levels of protection required.

Levels Of Protection By EPA (Hazmat Protection Levels)

People who work in specific environments and conditions or/and with hazardous materials are subject to adverse health impacts. This may result in mild problems with health and severe diseases with lethal outcome. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set the Levels of Protection (LOP) specifying certain jobs and suitable or recommended means of personal protection.

So, as you see the types of protection are divided into four groups that deal with the respiratory system, eyes & face, skin, and ears (protection against noise). All measures concerning the operation in dangerous or hazardous conditions require proper management. One of the most important parts of efficient PPE management is proper training (learn more at OSHA Training Info).

Tychem® & Tyvek®: Reliable Protection & Comfort


Tychem® Coveralls

"It’s not a gun, but it may kill!" – you may often hear this from people working in hazardous conditions or with hazardous materials. Doing their job often puts their health and lives in jeopardy, for some chemicals may cause severe problems with health. DuPont™ Tychem® coveralls have been providing reliable safety & comfort for workers for over thirty years.

Why Choose Tychem®?

The reason is quite obvious – these garments provide not only full protection from chemicals but a wearer’s convenience and comfort as well, for certain jobs often require quick reaction & mobility.


  • lightweight & flexible for a wearer’s mobility;
  • made of low-linting fabric;
  • superiorly resistant to abrasion and tearing;
  • rigorously tested by third-party laboratories;
  • capable of withstanding liquid splashes due to the specific seams.

Providing superior chemical protection, these hazmat suits enable their wearers to accomplish challenging tasks in a confident and professional way without walking on eggshells!


  • petroleum industry;
  • chemical/petrochemical use;
  • pulp & paper industry;
  • food & chemical processing;
  • pharmaceutical industry;
  • pandemic preparedness;
  • waste management;
  • nuclear & hazardous response areas;
  • domestic preparedness.

Tyvek® Suits

Being created for durable protection and comfort, Tyvek® apparel offers a range of means for protection against small-sized particles of hazardous materials, including mold, lead, and asbestos.

Why Choose Tyvek®?

The main reason is manifested in the specific features of this fabric – it provides wearers with a reliable barrier with an anti-static effect.


  • smooth anti-static surface;
  • perfect for use during painting applications;
  • ensures a comfortable fit to enable a wearer’s bending or stretching;
  • perfect for strenuous activities/applications.



  • general operations and maintenance;
  • lead & asbestos abatement;
  • mold remediation;
  • environmental clean-ups;
  • boat/composites/glass manufacturing;
  • automotive industry.

The experienced specialists from DuPont™ have been creating a wide range of superior personal protection equipment for years, bringing high-quality means for those who are not afraid of tough challenges!

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