How to Choose Laminators and Pouches

Lamination is a quick and easy way to protect your prints. Lamination protects prints by permanently bonding clear plastic film to one or both sides of the prints, making them tear and waterproof. It preserves your prints from moisture and environmental damage. In addition, color enhancement and contrast are added to your print images. Glossy-looking prints have a higher quality look to them. Lamination prevents prints from becoming creased, sun damaged, wrinkled, stained, smudged, abraded and/or marked by grease, fingerprints and environmental concerns.

So, you need to display notices or sale info? Protect files and reference documents? Enhance a presentation? Laminators do all that and more. This guide will help you sort through the options to find the best laminator for your home or office. We define some terms and show you which features will work best in your office, school or house.

There are three factors to consider choosing a laminator:

  1. Style: laminators come in two basic styles that suit different needs
  2. Capacity: your laminator must be able to accommodate laminator rolls and pouches thick enough for your project.
  3. Width: your laminator must also be wide enough for your projects

Laminators are available in two basic styles, each best suited for different applications:

1. Hot laminators

Hot, or thermal, laminators work by melting the adhesive backing, not the plastic coating. However, laminators can melt too-thin laminating rolls and pouches. This causes less-than crystal clear laminations and, in severe cases, can ruin your machine. Invest in a laminator with adjustable temperature settings. Most laminators shut off automatically to prevent overheating. Still, don't leave your laminator unattended - treat it just like a curling iron or other electrical appliance. You should also keep your laminator clean. Laminator jams are caused by old glue gumming up the rollers. Run a cleaning sheet through your machine at the end of days use.

2. Cold Laminators

Cold lamination is best for heat-sensitive materials. It requires self-adhesive laminator rolls and pouches that can be applied with or without a machine. Using a laminator removes air bubbles and gives your projects a smooth finish. It's also more convenient to laminate large projects, such as banners and maps, with a machine.

Cold lamination also allow for temporary laminations. Just use repositionable sheets that can be removed without destroying the underlying material.

Laminator Capacity.

Different laminators accommodate laminating rolls and pouches of different gauges, or thicknesses. Roll and pouch gauge is measured in mils, and the higher the mil, the thicker and more rigid the laminations.

3 mil


5 mil

For occasional filing, handling or posting of menus, photos or other items where pouch flexibility is acceptable. For moderate handling, filing or posting of items such as photos, legal files or recipe cards.

7 mil

10 mil

For daily handling, filing or posting of items such as sales materials, calendars, luggage and ID cards. For intensive daily handling or usage of items such as reference documents, displays, easels, posters, signs and more.

Laminators are also available in a range of widths. The wider the laminator, the more versatile the machine. Lamination width ranges from 4" up to 27" (extra-wide format laminators). We advise to think on the types and sizes of documents you are going to laminate before ordering a PROPER laminator.

Safety Features:

  • Auto shut off - Prevents overheating when laminator is not in use.
  • HeatGuard Technology - Double-walled insulation keeps heat inside laminating machine so it remains cool to the touch. Perfect for classrooms or crafting with kids.

Laminator Pouches

Laminating pouches are presented to you on our site in a variety of colors and sizes of laminating sheets – from business card size, all the way up to large menu size, to cover all your laminating needs. Here is a short table-guide for Brady™ pouch models (colors and sizes) to your advantage.

Color / Size








model 23321

model 23326


model 23322

model 23327


model 23323

model 23328


model 23324

model 23329


model 23325

model 23330

model 23363

model 23367

model 23346

model 23347

Yellow / Blue on CLEAR

model 23360

Red / Blue on CLEAR

model 23361

White / Blue on CLEAR

model 23362

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