Greenlee Fish Tapes

Greenlee Fish Tapes

Whether your application is fishing wires or cables in a new construction building or you have existing wires to work with, pay attention to Greenlee fish tapes. On Mega Depot, you can find steel fish tapes, non-conductive fish tapes, as well as fish tape accessories.

Greenlee fish tapes are easy to use. They have a unique case design so you can use less energy when fishing. In addition, the case improves drop impact capability. There are cases with a special viewing port that allows you to see how much tape you have. If you use the tape with a dirt-free finish, your hands will be clean, which is very useful. On our website, you can choose from fish tapes of various lengths, buy the right product for your specific application!

Before working with any tool, please read all the instructions and safety information. Always inspect your fish tape (and fix the problems if they occur) on a day-to-day basis. It will help you avoid injuries.

Greenlee fish tapes are used in an array of applications, for example, for the installation of telecommunications and data communication cables. Shop with Mega Depot!

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