Greenlee Cable Cutters

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Greenlee Cable Cutters are a special tool that has been produced for the proper cut of wires and cables to minimize damage to the insulation and internal conductors of wires and cables. Providing a clear cut on wires or cables, you may develop the quality of the electrical connectivity.

If you are searching for a top-quality cable cutter, Greenlee Cable Cutter is what you definitely need. The high-precision cutting process provides it effortlessly to cut through the heaviest copper and aluminum cables up to 2/0.

Greenlee Cable Cutters have a steel handle that offers special strength and reliability. The cutter is produced of heavy-duty rust-resistant steel with a black oxide finish for long-lasting operation. Cable cutters include high-precision ground, shear operational, and curved blades which make the tool a perfect addition to your tool kit.

Types Of Greenlee Cable Cutters

Greenlee Heavy-Duty Ratchet Cable Cutter is a tool with extra thick blades that allow reducing the potential breakage and damage. Ratchet action offers heavy-duty cutting with proper operation without damaging cable and wire insulation. The rubber boot material protects the ratchet mechanism.

Greenlee Two-Hand Ratchet Cable Cutter offers two-hand performance allowing you to cut large cables effortlessly. The tool includes short fiberglass handles that help you to apply the tool in a hard-accessed space and to store it in your toolbox due to its portability. Heavy-duty forged steel material of the blades offers a long-lasting operation.

Greenlee High-Performance Cable Cutters include a two-speed mechanism that offers time-saving by closing the blades quickly and effortlessly, thus the blade will be opened automatically when you finish the cutting process.

Greenlee Compact Ratchet Cable Cutters provide easy one-hand operation. Compact cable cutters are comfortable for operation in a hard-accessed space and may be stored in a toolbox. The tool has a single-speed ratchet mechanism with a blade release that offers to open in the mid-cut.

Greenlee 727 Cable Cutters provides an effortless cutting process for copper and aluminum cables. The tool includes precision-ground, shear-action, and curved cutting blades. Greenlee cutters have PVC-coating and durable handles for the effortless cut. Cushion grip and high-leverage handles provide extra comfort for the work.

Greenlee Hydraulic ACSR Cable Cutter offers to cut the toughest cables. Flip-opened head rotates 180* and offers strength allowing for cutting long-length items.  Quick blade retraction is possible with a thumb release lever.

Greenlee Heavy-Duty Ratchet Guy Wire Cutter cuts extra high strength and standard guy wire, mild steel rods, and bolts. The tool provides two cutting, single-motion for cutting small cables, and ratchet action with the anti-slip mechanism for the heavy-duty cutting process.

Greenlee ACSR Cable Cutter is a precision-machined tool with forged steel blades. Steel handles have rubber hand grips for a more convenient cutting process.

When you need to operate with cables and wires, Greenlee Cable Cutters are tools that you totally need for your work!

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