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GQF Incubators

Most of the farmers hatch poultry eggs every year. And probably they are worried about the quality of hatching. That is why they always look for a must have in their farm - a quality, reliable egg incubator. 

GQF incubators are manufactured for chicks and other poultry that are grown in your farm. Choosing the best egg incubator for your farm you should pay attention to standard and additional features of it. Real quality egg incubators may contain a certain quantity of eggs and maintain the right temperature and humidity. 

GQF produces two models of egg incubators: cabinet and table-top models. The company also gives some guides to keep your egg incubator and tiny little chicks in a proper way.

Table-Top Incubators

Table-top incubators consists of parts that are shown below:

1588 top

1588 Hova-Bator Top

GQF Plastic Liner

Plastic Liner

GQF Incubator Floor

Incubator Floor

Hova-Bator Bottom

Hova-Bator Bottom

Power Supply

Power Supply

GQF 1588 Genesis HovaBator 12 Volt Incubator is a top model egg incubator with an amount of features. This device includes a digital electronic thermostat that can easily display temperature and humidity percentage in both Farenheit and Celsius in the incubator for ideal incubating operation. This model offers you to set any necessary temperature for eggs from 60F (when the room temperature is 50F) and to 100F, so most eggs may be able to go into the incubator with any adaptations. Just tune in, add water for the humidity and eggs. The large window provides a full convenient view during the hatching period without disturbing the hatching environment.

The HovaBator egg incubator provides a digital technology in the thermostat for the command setting that is never influenced by humidity and temperature changes. The device prevents eggs from overheating and overcooling or in this case it will shut the heater off or turn on.

GQF HovaBator incubators are perfect devices for breeders that may hold up to 50 chicken or 150 quail eggs. They allow hatching even in classrooms and labs and laboratories.

Cabinet Incubators

The cabinet incubator consists of such items:

GQF Wick Pads

Wick Pads

GQF Top Latch Uninstalled for Shipping

Top Latch Uninstalled for Shipping

Moisture Pan

Moisture Pan

Hova-Bator Bottom

Foot Pad Assembly

Hatching Tray

Hatching Tray

Hatching Tray for 1550/1554 Only

GQF 1502 Incubator

GQF 1502, Digital Sportsman Incubator, 110V

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GQF Sportsman 1502 Incubator is an ideal hatching egg incubator if you are planning to incubate more eggs. This egg incubator includes an all-in-one system with LCD temperature and humidity display and on-board computer that monitors the incubator environment and shares the information with you.

The Sportsman 1502 Incubator is full of top-features such as electronic egg turning control, audio and visual indicators and a standard easy viewing door. This ideal device even offers a back-up water thermostat if the electronic thermostat fails. Moisture pan and humidity pads maintain the correct humidity for the eggs.

Egg incubator also includes 3 sets of automatic turning trays and a hatcher. If you are a starter in hatching this Sportsman 1502 incubator is what you need in one model. This device is fully formed and ready for the first hatching that includes 270 chicken, 216 ducks and 1368 quail eggs.

There are many elements that influence the hatching process. Old, damaged or dirty eggs may turn the incubation into a poor hatching. Unfortunately, some chicks can appear from the shell only partly and may be assisted out of the shell. But they often don’t survive because of their weakness. That is why if you want to hatch properly, you may follow the instructions to each GQF egg incubator: Cabinet Incubator Manual, Table-Top Incubator Manual.

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