Ghost Hunting: An Exciting Activity for Your Halloween

The sands of October are running out in the sandglass of autumn, and here it comes, the mysterious "orange" day! The 31st of October is a well-known holiday with deep historical roots, but nowadays it has overgrown with modern traditions. The present-day celebrations are commonly associated with funny activities, costumes, and other attributes. The holiday is primarily a big fun for kids – they like to perform small trips to their friends or neighbors and "trick-or-treat" them, i.e., to get a treat (sweets) or otherwise prank on them (trick). Many children adore making jack-o-lanterns out of pumpkins and illuminating them with candles. Dressing up in scary costumes, such as vampires, zombies, or witches and having dreadful make-up are also quite popular, even with adults.

But there is another adult activity that appears to be on the front burner at the end of October… ghosthunting or ghost investigation! Of course, it’s not only for Halloween – this is a real hobby or, sometimes, a weekend activity for many people. And if you’ve never tried this, the 31st of October is a perfect day to start!

What is ghost hunting/investigating? This process is manifested in visiting certain locations that are probably haunted, aiming to catch some paranormal phenomena. Usually, such hunters try to take photos and videos or just witness the events with their eyes, ears, and even skin. The procedure usually requires the hunters to have and use special equipment for catching the evidence.


It’s not a surprise that one of the most popular places are graveyards (cemeteries). These locations are rumored to be haunted to the bone, and only the bravest beginners go there. Among the other places suitable for this activity can be all kinds of old buildings, especially hospitals, hotels, or schools (see the Top 10). Certain private properties are also popular, but such locations cannot be freely accessed (surely if it’s not you who owns it). But the hunters should mind that hunting any location requires permission from the head, chief, or the property owner.


The ghost hunters from the past would definitely envy us… The modern technologies endow the hunters with superior devices that help to see the unseen and catch the evidence of the "uncatchable". So, let’s see what the basic set of equipment you might need is. Thermal imaging infrared camera is the main instrument of a modern ghost hunter. This outstanding invention helps to observe the thermal image of the target and see the temperature of objects and areas through particular colors. The device pinpoints cold spots and some researchers believe that ghosts are accompanied by the cold breeze. Due to the same reason, it would be good to have a thermometer with you. It helps to detect the sudden drops of temperature that might be associated with an abnormal creature presence. Not least important is a sound level meter – the utility that helps to detect and measure the voice phenomena. A motion detector will also do good. It requires the hunters not to move, so it is not always suitable, but still really helpful in particular cases.

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Aside from the basic devices, you might need certain accessories. These can be:

  • headset communicators or walkie-talkies (to stay in touch with your teammates, we hope you don’t do it alone);
  • flashlights with extra batteries (+ candles, in case something’s wrong with the flashlight);
  • compass (will help you to pick up the electromagnetic forces with the help of its needle);
  • notebook (for logging in every step and anomalous happening);
  • first aid kit (just in case).


The main point about this activity is to be easy-going and positive, as well as to stick to the safety and privacy rules – don’t trespass the private territories without permissions, be sure to wear suitable clothes (comfortable & warm), and, of course, have the medical kit. Remember – fortune favors the brave!

Have a happy Halloween and a fruitful hunt!

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