Fieldpiece Multimeters

fieldpiece multimeters

Fieldpiece Multimeters are devices that include all the test equipment you use in your everyday working routine. These devices may be used for simple tests from measuring battery voltage to observings complex diagnostics.

Fieldpiece Multimeters preferred by electricians for identifying problems with power supplies, circuits or wiring systems. With the extra magnetic hanger it will be easier to keep the meter out of the way during the test. Detachable silicone test leads and alligator clip probe tips provide easy one-handed testing. Bright blue backlight display offers easy readings in different weather conditions or in weakly lit areas.

Fieldpiece Multimeters are able to provide many different readings according to the model of the device. In addition to the multiple readings, the device works with all Fieldpiece accessory heads to become a perfect multimeter available for HVAC/R professionals.

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