Falltech Fall Protection Equipment - Use and Selection Guide

Falltech Fall Protection Equipment

Safety is an essential part that should be paid attention to because employees operate on risky heights. That is why you should ensure employees with Falltech Fall Protection Equipment. 

Fall protection includes different ways that will help employees be protected from falling and getting injuries. The OSHA (Operational Safety and Health Administration) requires industries to ensure employees with fall safety requirements when they operate at extreme heights.

osha requires fall protection to be provided above these working elevations

There are two major types of fall protection that you can select from to provide fall safety requirements for your employees.

Active Fall Protection includes safety equipment such as body harnesses, connectors, anchors, and many others, that require activeness from the employees. It is significant to know how to use Falltech Fall Protection Equipment, as employees should take part in the active protection system. The other important aspect is to periodically check the Falltech Fall Protection Equipment, to provide maximum safety.

Passive Fall Protection protects employees' activeness. Such a type of protective equipment includes safety nets, guardrails, and barricades. Passive Falltech Fall Protection Equipment ensures stay regulation in the same place. Such a type of safety equipment is as significant as active protection equipment. Passive Fall Protection ensures a second degree of safety in the event the active gear fails.

Types Of Falltech Fall Protection Equipment

Falltech Fall Protection Equipment is applied for several operations, so types of equipment vary as well. Various aspects are applied to protect employees from being injured, and others are applied for supporting those, who require to complete the operation hands-free.

When you select Falltech Fall Protection Equipment, you should realize what type of equipment and why it is required for your work. You may find out about different types and functions of protection equipment and how this equipment may protect the employee.

The crucial reasons for not applying the fall protection system are severe. You should note that if the employee operates higher than six feet, he/she should use high-quality Falltech Fall Protection Equipment.

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Anchorage includes various safety equipment such as lanyards, lifelines, and deceleration devices. These devices may be applied in different working structures, such as operations with beams, floors, and columns, thus providing proper and maximum support.

Moreover, anchorage Falltech Fall Protection Equipment includes anchorage connectors that fix the fall protection system together. According to the type of anchorage equipment, the D-bolt, hook, beam anchor, davit, or other similar items may be used for the attachment.

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Body Wear

This type of Falltech Fall Protection Equipment includes several items that provide proper body support. Body belts are included in the body wear protection. However, they don’t offer proper fall protection as full-body harnesses do.

This equipment, however, doesn’t offer adequate fall protection and may cause further injury when arresting the fall. Body harnesses include straps that are crossed over the shoulders, around the waist, pelvis, and legs. This structure will provide force across the body to lessen the risk of injuries. You may also use properly attached D-rings or connectors to offer employees proper positions for his/her health and safety.

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The final type of Falltech Fall Protection Equipment that attaches the full-body harness to the anchorage protection equipment is the connector. Energy-absorbing connectors are most popular for the attachment of the Falltech Fall Protection Equipment as they help to lessen the force that is applied during the work. Fall limiters and self-retracting lanyards are also applied for limiting the falling distance and reducing the risk of being injured. There are also several types of connectors such as rope grabs, energy-absorbing lanyards, self-retracting lanyards, fall limiters, and retrieval systems.

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Set up Falltech Fall Protection Equipment

To provide maximum and proper safety for the employee, you should set up and use the Falltech Fall Protection Equipment. There are some points on how to set up the Falltech Fall Protection Equipment Properly thus preventing mistakes and the risk of being injured.

Unless you set up the anchorage properly, it won’t support the employee’s weight, thus causing the risk of being injured. That is why try to set anchorage correctly to offer users maximum safety.

Fix the body harness properly, and check the position of the legs, as potential injuries are the result of a fall. The proper position of the legs allows the employee to hang on the body harness and not cut off the circulation by compressing the femoral arteries and making the employee lose consciousness.

Be careful with the body belts, as they’re not as safe as full-body harnesses. Try to prevent getting injuries when you use the Falltech Fall Protection Equipment.

Before the employee uses the Falltech Fall Protection Equipment, the equipment, and the installation should be properly checked and tested. It is also recommended the employee be taught by a professional person to limit the risk of mistakes and injuries.

The professional person will check two main aspects:

The first aspect is correct installation. Without checking the installation of the fall protection equipment to prevent various mistakes. The professionalist will check everything from safety nets to anchorage to prevent injuries.

The other aspect of providing safety to the employee is proper use. The proper installation of fall protection equipment and the correct use of it are the main factors for maximum employee safety. The employee should follow the instructions, and be careful during the work as well. 

Where Is Falltech Fall Protection Equipment Used?

Fall Protection Equipment is required for every working application at high above 6 feet, several industries are obliged to use safety equipment. Several working industries are required to use fall protection equipment every working day. For the applications listed below, the proper fall protection equipment and training are crucial for safe work. There is a list of industries that are obliged to provide employees with fall protection equipment.

The industries with the greatest need for fall protection include

Several concrete applications that are produced on the ground. However, employees are required to operate on top of high buildings. Concrete employees should be provided with durable fall protection equipment, to work with maximum safety.

Manufacturing plants include several fall hazards for employees. As employees should operate with greasy floors, and tripping hazards, the proper fall protection equipment offers them to continue the productivity without risk of injury.

Various industries require fall protection equipment to provide safety for their employees. And every employer should note that the safety of the employee will provide quality and high productivity in the operation.


Falltech is a trusted industry-leading manufacturer of Fall Protection Equipment to allow customers to be provided with maximum safety and high working productivity. With Falltech Equipment you will help your employees to achieve maximum comfort and protection during the work.

Falltech Fall Protection Equipment is crucial for the proper safety and the user’s well-being. Training and the correct check of the equipment will lessen the risk of being injured. When the employee improves his/her skills in using the fall protection equipment, this will help to be focused on the work and offer maximum productivity.

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