Dixon Hydraulic Fittings

Dixon Hydraulic Fittings

Dixon Hydraulic Fittings make it possible to provide a multitude of methods of connecting with the help of conductors, such as hose, tube, pipe, etc. fittings in a hydraulic system.

Dixon Hydraulic Fittings are high-quality and durable products that, based on their specifications, are useful in different application fields, and that can suit a wide range of applications. Manufacturing, transportation, engineering, agriculture are just a few of the industrial sectors that can be supported by Dixon Valve Products.

There are several series of Hydraulic Fittings from Dixon Valve:

  • Hydraulic Suction and Return Line products are made of plated steel and produced for hydraulic suction line applications using SAE100R4 hydraulic hose. Barbs provide easy assembly and maximum gripping action. Please use return line clamps with these fittings.
  • Code 61 (standard pressure) Hydraulic Flange NPTF, made of carbon steel (available in 316L stainless steel) produced for hydraulic systems, allows performing installation of components easier in limited space conditions. Flat face flanges must be used with O-ring flanges to obviate leakage and maintain pressure.
  • Code 62 (high pressure) Hydraulic Flange NPTF is made of carbon steel (available in 316L stainless steel). Includes bolt kit with Buna O-ring. Connection type opposite 4-bolt flange connection can de-rate maximum working pressure.

The most common connection types used are O-Ring Face Seals and NPT Pipe Threads.

Dixon Valve Hydraulic Fittings are available in various thread sizes to meet your needs. You can choose from an extensive range of products at the most competitive prices.

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