Digital Multimeters

A digital multimeter is an essential part of any toolbox, it will help you determine the working status of various devices. It is utilized to check current, voltage, as well as resistance.

Today, there are many models to choose from, they are designed for various applications, have different features, in addition, their prices also vary. There are simple devices as well as advanced appliances. It is important to understand which device is the best for you.

Not a long time ago, analog multimeters were used. Nowadays, they are still available, however, new technologies emerged. As a result, people utilize modern devices that offer more. Digital multimeters have more advantages, they have more functions and are chosen by many people for their versatility. Now, the main measurements of amps, volts, and ohms can be made digitally. Moreover, additional measurements are often added in. You get one device instead of several meters! 

Typically, on the front side of a multimeter, you can find a display that shows the results, several buttons to operate the device, a dial that allows you to select the measurement value and input jacks where test leads are inserted.

Please read carefully the user’s guide prior to working with any device. Avoid taking measurements in humid environments!

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