Cash Acme Relief Valves

Cash Acme Relief Valves

Cash Acme is a manufacturer of Temperature & Pressure Relief Valves for water boilers and water containers.

Thermoplastic relief valves are mechanical and reset when the pressure is relieved. There are a wide range of temperature and pressure relief valves which models ideally match homes, offices and other industries.

Cash Acme FWC is a miniature relief valve that is used in commercials and industries that include thermal increase protection and overpressure relief. The FWC relief valve comprises a calibrated regulating screw for changes in pressure without usage of pressure indicator.

Cash Acme NCLX-1 has an inert thermal element covering that offers effective isolation ore deposits. The valve consists of cast bronze body, brass, stainless steel internal parts, silicone seat disc and stainless steel spring. It is used for water boilers and water storage containers.

Cash Acme FVMX-4L combination temperature and pressure relief valve is used to provide high quality protection for household and industrial heating devices. It ideally matches applications such as restaurants, hospitals and laundries. It is covered with thermal elements that preserve from mineral increase and have stainless steel elements.

All Cash Acme products are improved by *ASME and *ANSI to preserve water boilers from extended pressure and temperature by fulfilling water. Each relief valve was tested for plumbing works, durability and effectiveness after manufacturing.

*ASME (The American Society of Mechanical Engineers)

*ANSI (American National Standards Institute)

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