Cash Acme Pressure Regulators

In plumbing, it is crucial to use only high-quality equipment and tools. Nowadays, the market offers thousands of items that differ in type, quality, purpose of usage etc. However, customers should pay attention to products made by reputable companies.

Cash Acme pressure regulators are characterized by high quality and reliability. The company has a rich experience in manufacturing pressure regulating valves of over a century. The product line-up includes NPT and threaded NPT pressure regulating valves, flanged pressure regulators, lead-free multi-cartridge regulating valves, single- and double union lead-free regulating valves and more.

The EB45 model has a half-cartridge design. The items provide their users with an excellent performance, yet they are cost-effective. The construction is very similar to traditional regulators, however, these models also feature the benefits of cartridge based valves. They products are intended for domestic and commercial use.

The EB45 pressure regulating valves with SharkBite push-fit connections have a half cartridge design. The installation is easy. No additional instruments needed.

The EB25 pressure regulators feature a numerical indicator to adjust the pressure. Another benefit of the EB25 is the single-cartridge design. It allows to service the item effortlessly.

The EB25 multi-cartridge pressure regulating valves ensure accurate flow control. These devices  have a numerical indicator to set the exact pressure you need.

The E3 model maintains the lower pressure within acceptable limits. The valves ensure higher capacity and closer regulation. In addition, with the E3 the operation is quieter. The items are designed for domestic and commercial applications.

The E41 and the E56 models are designed to reduce a high inlet pressure to a lower delivery pressure automatically. The E41 model is similar to the E3, but it is fitted with a built-in strainer for systems that don’t require it. The E56 is the piston type valve. It has a simple and reliable construction.The valves are suitable for demanding installations. 

The EB75 pressure regulators are compact devices. Please note that these valves are intended for non-potable water applications.

Excellence is a priority for Cash Acme. Every item is quality tested in order to meet demanding present-day standards and specific customers’ requirements. The items are easy to use and maintain. Choose from a wide array of products for commercial, residential and industrial use.

Achieve your goals with Cash Acme!

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