Carson HookUpz 2.0

Carson HookUpz 2.0 is a high-quality universal smartphone optics adapter. It is easy to record everything you see through the optical equipment. In addition, it is possible to share the files with other people via email or social media.

Carson HookUpz 2.0 is compatible with the majority of smartphones and optical devices that are available on today’s market. Carson designed this adapter so it is possible to use even large-sized devices in their cases. Please note that the adapter can’t be used with tablets and riflescopes. Additionally, optic eyepieces should have an outer housing diameter ranging from 25mm to 58mm and a depth of 14mm and more.

How does it work? Just put your phone in the adapter. When doing it, try to adjust the phone position so its camera lens is aligned with the height of the circle. Then, pull the right clamp over the smartphone. After that, you need to turn the adapter over, rotate the alignment screw until the lens is horizontally aligned. Make sure that the lens is in the center of the circle. Finally, lock the top clamp down. That’s all, everything is ready to work, just connect your smartphone to the optical device you need (e.g. monocular, binoculars, microscope, telescope etc.).

The adapter has a reliable construction, providing a tight grip to the equipment. It eliminates the risk of slippage.

Carson cares about the quality of its products. The HookUpz 2.0 is quality tested and meets demanding present-day standards and specific customers’ requirements. The adapter is convenient in use, it is lightweight and portable. It can be transferred from one place to another effortlessly. The HookUpz 2.0 is easy to maintain. In addition, a convenient hard foam carrying case is included.

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