Burndy Hytool

Burndy provides hydraulic and battery-operated compression HYTOOL crimpers and hand and mechanical crimpers for smaller types of work. Burndy HYTOOL crimpers are created to crimp lugs and connectors. The brand offers special handle design and improved operation by reducing slipping , butting jaws and durable crimps for convenient work.

Burndy MD6 HYTOOL is used for sleeves, lugs and H-frame parallel groove connectors, W and X dies that fix into place over the back D die groove.

The MD crimper contains permanent BG ⅝’’ and D3 Grooves.

Burndy OH25 HYTOOL is a one hand operation, dieless, full cycle ratchet crimper. It sets service entrance splice connectors #10 AWG - #1/0 AWG. It ensured long-term and durable work.

Burndy MD7 HYTOOL needs no accommodation for its work. The MD7 tool helps to install connections durably and steadily. This tool offers a visual wear indicator that makes checking of the tool’s condition easi to identify.

It has functionally designed composite polymer handles, steel, electroless nickel plated jaws for long-term work.

Burndy MRC840 HYTOOL adjusts Burndy copper compression YA and YS series of HYLUG and HYLINK terminals and connectors from stranded conductors. Meddling steel jaws provides full crimp force.

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