Burndy Hydraulic Crimpers

Burndy Hydraulic Crimpers

Hydraulic crimpers are tools that are used to crimp metals such as aluminum and copper into joints so hard that they won’t re-open.

Burndy provides high-quality hydraulic crimpers with many durable features such as head shape, head turning, tool protection, UL and certification CSA certification.

Burndy Y35 Hydraulic Hand Operated Tool’s C-shaped head provides easy work with any conductor length, any tool position for the work with 180* head turning. The body and handles of the tool are coated with 3/16 molded rubber for the tool protection. Crimpers also have a push button for the easy die change. 

Burndy Y4PC834 6-Ton Hydraulic Hand Operated Crimping Tool has a C-shaped head for the easy work of removing tools from run conductors. It has a dieless installation system. The tool is UL Listed and CSA Certified with range taking capacities. 

Burndy PATCUT215618V Latch Head Hydraulic Self Contained has 180* head turning that provides easy work with the equipment. The tool is equiped with a refined hydraulic system for ultra performance, speed and reability; field proven electronics for ultimate durability in the severe working environments.

Hydraulic crimping tools are used in the power station and electrical field for crimping electrical lugs, fittings, connectors, cables and grounding connectors. It can be used for the work from small electrical cables up to large underground electrical cables.

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