Burndy Hand Crimpers

burndy hand crimper

Crimpers are tools that are used to provide cold junction connections between two cables or wire and lugs. In theory, electrical and mechanical characteristics of the junction joints are as strong as the basic material. Crimping tools are classified to the cable measurements they can allow. 

Burndy Hand Crimpers are tools that are used to crimp cables, wires and other flexible materials. These tools look like forceps and are also known as crimping pliers because of their design. They connect metal pieces, putting the pressure on them to hold with each other. 

The crimping part on the jaw is the main part of hand crimpers. Some burndy tools have dies or crimping parts that can be removed to the other crimpers’ accessories or parts, such as cutting for instance. Hand crimpers can be used for the work with steel wire ropes, power connectors, lugs, etc.

Burndy MRE1022NV Ergonomic Full Cycle Ratchet Tool has a ratchet mechanism that doesn’t let handles open until complete cycle. Its stop plate allows proper installation for steady durable connection. Nylon and Vinyl isolated endpoints and junctions allow an entire positive crimp every time.

Burndy Y1022 Hand Held Plier Type Tool installs #10-22 AWG insulated and uninsulated endopints and junctions with a cable cutter in the nose of the tool. The tool also cuts common size mild steel and non-ferrous screws. It has a vinyl removal handle grip with coated ends.

Burndy Y8MRB1 Hand-Held Full Cycle Ratchet Crimpers is a light-weight tool. Each tool’s indenter has a special identifying makrs for inspectability. Entirely enclosed, protected ratchet mechanism doesn’t let handles be opened until completed full ratched cycle.

Crimping is widely used in the metalworking environment. Crimpers are often used to crimp wires, cables, for long-term power connections and many other works. Burndy produces high-quality reliable crimpers for rapid but durable work.

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