Burndy H-Tap

Burndy H-Taps

Burndy produces H-Taps to involve the highest durability for the device and installation of the system. H-Taps are made of reliable galvanic copper and are electro-tin covered for high corrosion protection.

Burndy H-Taps are produced for long lasting two-way connections as well as for fixing to a continuous line. They also help to provide copper tap and parallel connections. All the brand’s H-Taps have marks with the cable size and have color-coded marks for the proper die installation. The covering offers insulated protection while the inner covering protects from the rust.

Burndy YH4434 10044316 Copper H-Tap Connector Burndy

Burndy YH4434 10044316 Copper H-Tap Connector

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Burndy YH2929WC Copper Compression H Tap with Cover Burndy

Burndy YH2929WC Copper Compression H Tap with Cover

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H-Taps connectors are made of aluminum and copper materials for their long-term reliability. Moreover, all Taps are covered with oxide inhibitors to provide protection from corrosion. The device has hard-reinforced ribs to harden the pressure connection.

*UL467 Listed Standard for Safety for Grounding and Bonding Equipment

Each connector has many copper combinations to provide a high flexibility for the connection. Most devices by Burndy are UL Listed that proves their durability, and high-quality work. All Burndy devices are produced the way they match every Burndy tool, even if it is a new one tool.

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