Burndy Grounding Clamps

Burndy Grounding Clamps

Burndy Grounding Clamps are used for connecting grounding cables to grounding rods, pipes and other materials. They help to connect power systems to the ground to safely vanish electricity to the earth, avoiding shorts to connected equipment. Each type of grounding clamp is used for a certain working environment.

Burndy Pipe Ground Clamp is used for connecting conductors to water pipes. It fixes around the pipe and tightens hardly with screws. The conductor is fixed through the clamp’s lug and tightens hardly with a screw.

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Bundy U-Bolt Ground Clamp is used for vertical or horizontal connections of conductors to water pipes or grounding rods. It fixes over the pipe or rod and tightens with the screws. Such clamps are useful for direct-burial works.

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Burndy Plate Ground Clamps are used to connect grounding cables to flat ground surfaces. They fix into a surface and tighten with a screw. Cable fixes through the lugs. Such clamps are used for direct-burial works.

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Burndy Cable Tray Ground Clamps are used for connecting cable to cable tray. They fix the ground cable on one side and the cable tray on the other side. 

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All Burndy Grounding Clamps are produced for easy setting and for long-term reliability. High-quality copper material that is used in producing clams, provides high-durability in extreme working environments. Burndy clamps are UL467 Listed for burial works in earth and concrete.

UL467 Listed Standard

*UL467 Listed Standard for Safety for Grounding and Bonding Equipmen

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