Brady BMP21 Plus

Brady BMP21 Plus

Brady presents you with a super rugged, smart BMP21 Plus hand-operated label printer.

BMP21 Plus is a portable, innovative label printer for different types of marking fields. The hand-operated label printer develops multiple line labels for wire, panel, circuit board, and many commercial and manufacturing object identification.

The BMP21 Plus includes a board that contains letters from A to Z and numbers from 0 to 9. The backlit LCD graphical display offers effortless labeling in low-quality light spaces.

Brady BMP21 Plus provides printing in 6 several sizes from 6 to 40 points in unique colors. This label printer can operate with BMP21 Series printer continuous tape cartridges to provide printing in several ranges and designs.

The BMP21 Plus hand-operated label printer is drop-tested for providing maximum durability in the most difficult working conditions. If you need a high-quality, intelligent, and super durable device, Brady BMP21 Plus is a perfect label printer for your working sphere.

Brady BMP21 Plus hand-operated label printer is a global leader in label-making work and we offer you a variety of accessories and consumables for more convenient and long-term operation of the device.

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