Bradley Faucets

If you need a high-quality faucet, pay attention to Bradley. The company offers an array of models of various sizes and shapes to suit different environments. It is possible to choose from faucets with capacitive and infrared technologies.

Bradley infrared faucets are extremely convenient - the company incorporated state-of-the-art technologies in the process of product manufacturing. The faucets feature the infrared sensor that reacts fast when a person approaches. In addition, the technology also excludes the possibilities of false activations. Touch-free operation allows the users to stay hygienic without contacting the faucet every time they need to wash their hands. This feature is especially useful for public restrooms, where many people use the same faucets on a day-to-day basis. Thus, it is possible to avoid many diseases that can considerably harm human health and life.

The faucets with capacitive sensing technology of activation by Bradley are also very popular. Hands-free operation is an unquestionable benefit of these faucets. The sensor activates the faucet only in the presence of people - objects can not turn the faucet on. The valve is designed to ensure a reliable performance. The flow regulator ensures that the flow rate is constant at all pressures. The faucets also feature battery-powered VDC control.

All faucets by Bradley have a durable construction, protected against vandalism. Note that prior to faucet installation, it is necessary to read the instructions for the particular model. Otherwise, the equipment may malfunction and cause undesirable consequences.

Using Bradley faucets is eco-friendly, as the users do not waste water. For the same reason, it is possible to save money significantly.

Excellence is a priority for the company. All Bradley products are thoroughly tested in order to meet present-day standards and specific users’ requirements. Bradley faucets are designed for commercial as well as home use.

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