Blue Sea Battery Chargers

Boats are getting more sophisticated as their batteries get bigger. Often, you can get a reliable battery but at a higher price.

To solve your battery management problems, Blue Sea Systems has introduced the P12 chargers, available in a 25A or a 40A model for large vessels. They are pre-programmed for the following types of batteries:

  • Flooded Lead Acid 
  • Gel 
  • AGM 
  • TPPL 

The P12 battery chargers have the logic that allows these batteries to be charged accurately at the bulk, absorption, and float stages. Blue Sea Systems has gone further, offering a fourth stage called PreFloat:

the P12 chargers can lower the voltage on the smaller banks of batteries and keep them at that voltage until all the batteries are charged and then drop it down to float.

This can significantly extend the lifetime of small batteries so that they do not overcharge during a normal charge cycle. The P12 charger is fully customizable: you can set the absorption voltage, the float voltage, and the absorption timers according to the battery manufacturer's recommendations.

The P12 chargers from Blue Sea Systems are perfect if you want to maximize the lifetime of your batteries. The products are designed, manufactured, and tested in the USA.

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