Blue Sea Add-A-Battery

Blue Sea Add-A-Battery

Add a second battery to the electrical system of your boat and don’t get stranded with a dead starting battery! Blue Sea Add-A-Battery is easy to operate, it effectively manages the switching & charging of 2 batteries from a single charge source.

Blue Sea Add-A-Battery kits include a Dual Circuit Plus™ Battery Switch & an Automatic Charging Relay. They simplify switching and automate charging. All you need to do is turn the battery switch on when you board and off when you leave. Easy as ABC!

Dual Circuit Plus™ Battery Switch benefits:

  • simplified switching;
  • isolation of engine & house circuits;
  • battery combination for emergency starting;
  • tin-plated copper studs ensure max conductivity & resistance to corrosion.

Automatic Charging Relay benefits:

  • auto combination of batteries when charging;
  • battery isolation during engine cranking and when not charging;
  • efficient charge sharing between two batteries;
  • effective dual battery charging without regulator adjustment or rewiring.

Choose from various options on Mega Depot! Add-A-Battery Kits are great for larger outboards/inboards with alternators up to 120A. 

Mini Add-A-Battery Kits are suitable for smaller boats with smaller alternators up to 65A. Enjoy your boating experience with top-quality products!

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