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Best Refrigerant Leak Detector

The HVAC complex consists of complex parts, including refrigerants, and leaks may happen at any time. Determining the leak is an easy or overwhelming task to solve. There is one tool that is essential for a technician’s toolbox - a high-quality refrigerant leak detector.

Refrigerant leak detection may be done by applying easy methods by using special devices such as electronic leak detectors. Usually, leaks produce electrical currents that set off various vibrations and might produce some noise. An ideal leak detector detects all the issues caused by leaks.

What To Consider While Choosing The Best Refrigerant Leak Detector

Before selecting the best refrigerant leak detector, you should pay attention to several aspects that will influence the proper performance of your device. There are several aspects that a really good refrigerant leak detector should refer to. To detect leaks, various aspects should be followed while choosing the best refrigerant leak detector:

  • The efficiency of the detection;
  • The sensibility of the device;
  • Battery life;
  • Durability;
  • Type of the refrigerant to detect;
  • The ease of performance;
  • Price and warranty.


Sensitivity is a significant aspect of the refrigerant leak detector. It is crucial to mention that high-sensitivity leak detectors are required to detect small leaks. Several types are rated at 0,25 oz/year while others at 0.15 oz/year where lower is better.

Battery Life

Another aspect you should note is the type and the long-term of the battery the device uses. Several batteries may last only for some hours when they may operate for weeks. Many refrigerant leak detectors re-use the battery, as detectors with rechargeable batteries are ideal devices for long-lasting performance.

Alarms and Visual Indicators

Check the proper performance of the device’s alarm, as you don’t need to miss its alert. Several refrigerant leak detectors perform sound alarms and visible detection that are ideal for operating in noisy conditions with many distractions. You may also apply the detector with headphones for operating in bustling conditions.

Detect A Variety Of Refrigerants

You won’t probably need the detecting device that detects all types of refrigerants, so be sure that you get the tool that can detect the needed refrigerant you usually operate with. Usually, refrigerant leak detectors that may detect a variety of refrigerants manage to cost more than those detectors that may identify one or some refrigerants. It is the ideal choice to detect the needed area and take the right checkings.

Why Should You Use Refrigerant Leak Detector

The refrigeration complex relates to the refrigerant to perform. When the leak appears, the complex misses refrigerants, and the ability to perform optimal cooling. In case the air conditioner doesn’t operate properly in household conditions, the refrigerant leak detector will detect the leak. That is why when the HVAC technicians find the refrigerant leak, the major problem is the price and inconvenience.

However, there is also a significant issue is the greenhouse effect. Refrigerants have the main influence on the environment, which is why detecting the leak as fast as possible is extremely important. That is why applying the refrigerant leak detector is significant- they are sensitive, easy to apply, and operate fast. Applying a reliable model of the refrigerant leak detector may help you to determine the leak in the complex in a few seconds, thus offering you to solve the problem immediately and provide the proper performance.

Our Top Picks

Bacharach H-10 PRO

Bacharach 3015-8004, H-10 PRO Refrigerant Leak Detector

Bacharach refrigerant leak detector is a multipurpose, highly-operated device that has been improved with developed sensor operation to detect small, medium, or large leaks faster and more effectively than ever before. The device uses a fail-safe positive ion emission heated diode sensor and selective sensitivity for the highest precision and detection of the leak source.

The Bacharach refrigerant leak detector includes a visual LED leak rate indicator with the probe tip and a sound buzzer. This model is ideal for detecting halogen-based refrigerant leaks for industrial and household purposes.

Fieldpiece Dr58

Fieldpiece Dr58, Heated Diode Refrigerant Leak Detector

Fieldpiece Heated Diode Refrigerant Leak Detector is a high-quality refrigerant leak detector that relies on its effectiveness. You may get it to operate within 30 seconds to detect the leakage.

The smart filter design prevents the sensor from moisture and debris. The sensor and filter are placed at opposite endpoints of the leak detector device. So, if you face oil or consideration, the filter will close up and protect the sensor from exposure.

The sensor and filter sit at opposite ends of the device. So, if you accidentally encounter oil or condensation, the filter will swell shut and prevent the sensor from exposure.

When you apply this refrigerant leak detector, the major advantage of the device is that it automatically zeroes capabilities. It may automatically clear itself every few seconds until it detects the leakage. After the device detects the leakage you may zero out the device to continue to detect leakages.

Yellow Jacket 69336

Yellow Jacket 69336, AccuProbe UV Handheld Leak Detector

Yellow Jacket AccuProbe UV Handheld Leak Detector has a UV technology sensor to detect HFC, HCFC, and HFO refrigerants, including SNAP-approved hydrocarbon blends.

The smart alarm display shows the level of leakage from one to nine. The electrolyte sensor, UV light, and smart alarm display are the only features you need for fast and proper leak detection.

The ultra-sensitive sensor of this refrigerant leak detector allows finding even hard-to-detect leakages. The exclusive solid electrolyte sensor technology allows for the reduction of heat and provides the sensor with long-lasting performance.

The AccuProbe UV features low, normal, and high sensitivity levels with visible and sound signals. This refrigerant leak detector is equipped with an improved digital smart display.


UEi RLD15B, Refrigerant Leak Detector with Solid Electrolyte Sensor

The UEi refrigerant leak detector is applied to detect the latest refrigerants. This leak detector includes a heated sensor to boost precision and prevent false alerts. The UEi refrigerant leak detector displays estimated leak levels thus helping to prevent leak sources.

The RLD15B series detects industry-standard refrigerants including HFC, HCFC, and CFC. A digital numeric leak size indicator allows for detecting the leakage level fast and easily. A visible LED leak alert display will offer the proper performance for detecting leakages in a few seconds.

Dwyer RLD2

Dwyer RLD2, Refrigerant Leak Detector

Dwyer RLD2 is the most dependable refrigerant leak detector. The sensitive component provides a wide sensitivity range. This device includes a 5-level alarm complex that allows for the detection of potential leaks in the area. The dual-color LED indicator offers a visible indication of the refrigerant concentration. This refrigerant leak detector may be applied for household purposes as well as for commercial refrigeration complexes, automotive, air conditioning, and quality control testing environments.

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