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You may find several reasons why the pH meter is significant to apply. However, as with most measurement tools, finding the proper pH meter for the user's work is especially critical as well. Without proper selections, you may easily fail to provide proper measurement.

A pH meter is a tool that helps to measure the acidity and alkalinity of the liquid or sample, ranging from 1 to 14. There are multiple pH measurement tools, developed for specific work to more versatile ones.

What To Consider While Choosing The Best pH Tester?

There are plenty of ways to measure pH, however, the most prevalent solution for certain purposes is checking a digital pH meter. Indicator testing is relatively precise for measuring the pH of the pools, and aquariums at constant intervals.

Required Precision

Several agencies demand measurement readings that are listed as one-tenth of a unit. Nevertheless, the 0.1 pH standard is somehow tough when the liquid needed to measure is close to the limit of the acceptable pH level. This happens due to the digital pH tester, as they show ph results +/- 0.2 pH, which may be somehow problematic. Such issues may be serious for those who work with liquids or samples that achieve ph tolerance limits.


Calibration is another aspect to consider. Each pH measurement tool will demand calibration to test it against a standard. To achieve the required accuracy is necessary because applying an even calibrated tool will draw down its precision over time. Digital pH meters must be calibrated with colored liquids and samples with known pH values.


You should note that all pH levels are influenced by temperature. Ph testers should be properly calibrated, achieve the required precision, and also have the same temperature as the liquid or sample you need to measure. Enduring manual calibration is overwhelming and unnecessary as it may lead to imprecision readings and you won’t achieve the required temperature. But the range of the temperature supported between the liquid or tools is important.


The electrode is a part of the pH meter applied to measure the concentration of hydrogen ions. Several pH tester’s electrodes are glass-bulb, and certain policies require avoiding using glass-bulb electrodes in specific industries (food manufacturing for instance). While considering what pH tester to choose, take into account that you will need to replace the electrodes over time. It is also important to note that several ph testers have non-clog tip electrodes and may be applied ideally when you need to measure the pH of foods that are not easily blended. There is also an innovation “Flat-cell” testers that are applied in portable environments. They are affordable, high-precision, and reliable.

Other Aspect To Note

Last but not the most minor aspect to take into account is proper care. It is significant to store the pH tester properly, as the probes may dry up and lose their effectiveness when you will apply them next time.

Moreover, it is important to re-calibrate the pH measurement tool constantly as you need the tool to provide accurate readings. Follow the instructions carefully for the correct care for the pH tester.

Follow the rules below for the proper care of the user's tool:

  • Read the tool’s instructions carefully;
  • Achieve proper calibration;
  • Don’t touch the electrode as you may damage the sensor and lead to inaccurate measurement results;
  • Keep the tool away from severe temperatures and humidity;
  • Don’t store the tool’s sensor in distilled water;
  • Handle the tool with proper care.

Our Top Picks

Milwaukee MW102

Milwaukee MW102 pH and Temperature Meter

Milwaukee offers its customers an MW102 series of the standard pH/Temperature Meter. It’s a compact tool with an improved design, superior features, and high performance. This portable tool is suitable for hassle-free operation in laboratories, as pH measuring demands high-precision results. The Milwaukee provides an extended operating range from 2.00 to 16.00 pH. It is a user-friendly tool with a reliable microprocessor for high-precision performance.

                        Instruments AI511

Apera Instruments MP511 Benchtop pH Meter Kit

Apera pH meter is a leading example that offers high accuracy. This is the most effective pH meter that provides 4 major features perfectly: precise measurement, quick performance, accurate results, and advanced filtering technology. The pH measurement tool offers 3 measurement modes for specific measuring needs: stable measurement, timing, and continuous measuring modes. The Apera pH tester meets IP54 water- and dust-proof rating.


Oakton pHTestr 30 Waterproof pH Meter

Oakton Ph tester has a specific double-junction electrode design for long-term electrode performance in harsh conditions. This water- and dust-proof tool achieves high performance even in dirty and damp conditions. The tool includes push-button calibration with auto-buffer recognition. The automatic temperature compensation provides precise measurement readings and the “hold function” allows recording of the readings. The Auto shut-off function extends the long-term of the battery.

                        MI 160-US

Milwaukee MI pH/ORP/ISE/Temperature Meter

Milwaukee presents the pH meter with automatic calibration and temperature compensation. This new pH measurement tool is ideal for high-precision measurements for all laboratory needs. The pH measurement tool calibration is potential even while testing various samples, where differences in pH can be found.

Oakton 35613-25

Oakton pH 100 Portable pH Meter with pH

Oakton portable pH tester has a compact design with a large display that includes indicators for battery life, stability, and calibration. The tool also indicated both parameters: pH and temperature measurements that may be shown on display at the same time. The pH measurement tool includes the built-in microprocessor that offers advanced functions, such as auto-calibration, auto temperature compensation, parameter setting, self-diagnosis, auto power-off, and low battery reminder. The tool uses advanced processing technologies for the high-precision performance of measurements.

Ohaus ST20D

Ohaus ST20D pH Pen Meter

OHAUS is a high-precision pH pen-meter that provides a high-performance measurement of pH. The tool offers accurate pH readings, conductivity, salinity, and total dissolved solids measurements. A durable ABS housing, protective sensor cap, and automatic shut down feature that provides a long-lasting battery life. This pen-meter meets the IP67 rating with its waterproof design that protects the tool from water damage when dropped into liquid or sample. The OHAUS pH pen-meter provides simple, fast, and accurate pH measuring for all user's needs.


Choosing the best pH tester will depend on the purpose and application you are working in. If you take into account all the aspects described in the article you will easily choose the proper pH tester for the user's needs.

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