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Best Bolt Cutter

Bolt cutters are used for cutting:

The most usual  bolt cutters have long handles and short cutters, with complex hinges to make the cutting power stronger.

How to Choose the Best Bolt Cutter

You may think that such devices are the same with each other, but NO. We have selected best bolt cutters’ models on our website relying on the aspects described below:

1. The first aspect is the size. Bolt cutters can be in different sizes from 8 to 42 inches. The size of the tool allows to identify the cutting ability for different materials and metals. Bolt cutters of the small size are used to cut thin chains and bolts of medium strength. Medium-sized bolt cutters are used for cutting medium-to-hard metals. Such bolt cutters are long-handled to cut hard devices as padlocks. Large-sized tools can cut thick steel chains, rods, copper cables and large bolts and padlocks.

2. The next aspect is the quality of the blade. The blade and the jaws of the device have to be made of the strongest, durable steel. The material of the tool should offer the best strength and durable, long-term work. The blade should also have a powder-coated finish to prevent corrosion.

3. The other factors of the best bolt cutters are their weight and the design of handles. It doesn’t matter whether the handles are small or large, they have to offer you a comfortable and necessary strength to cut metal and steel materials. The longer length bolt cutter allows you to work with heavy materials, as they require a large force, while short length materials are used for cutting thin materials where the lower force is needed.

Bolt Cutters

Best Bolt Cutters


Best Compact Bolt Cutters - Knipex 71 32 200

Knipex compact bolt cutters are a masterpiece of their type. Due to their 7.87 inch seize and 0.82 lb weight it is comfortable to hold them and to work even with the hardest wire. These bolt cutters can cut bolts, nails and rivets of the diameter ¼ inch. The cutting edges are made of chrome-vanadium high-quality steel that proves their strength. This tool can do more than cutting wires and bolts, it also can grip and pull.

Knipex CoBolt Compact Bolt Cutter

Best Heavy-Duty Bolt Cutters - MCC BC-0710

These are most usually and widely used for cuts from light to hard materials.

Alloy steel blades offer careful heat treatment for maximum durability and sharp-cutting. The tool has light handles that offer a top great strength.

MCC Standard Heavy Duty Center Cut Bolt Cutter

Best Angled Bolt Cutters - Knipex 71 41 200

These Bolt Cutters has a 20° angled pliers head that offers cutting as close as possible to the surface. The tool can stick out nails, screws or wire with a ¼ inch diameter due to its developed design with a joint bar on one side. Knipex bolt cutters are an ideal engineering experience.

Knipex CoBolt Compact Bolt Cutter

Best Small Series Bolt Cutters - Beta Tools 011020020

This top-quality equipment is skillfully made according to strict working standards to offer a merger of well-adjusted design and high level of craftwork. The tool was produced of high-quality industry-leading materials that offer durable reliability and steady value.

Beta Tools 011020020 1102 230mm Bolt Cutter

Best Powerlink Bolt Cutters - Kraft Tool Company GG118

Kraft Tool bolt cutter is used to cut chains, wrought iron, bolts, fencing and more. Its double complex action offers cutting of the strongest materials with ease. This equipment is accurately engineered and cutting blades tightened inductively.

Kraft Tool Company GG118 HKP PowerLink Bolt Cutter

Best Ratchet Action Bolt Cutters - MCC RBC-3213

This bolt cutter is made of alloy steel and it is heat-treated for long-term durability. Its ratchet action and specific shape of cutting edges offer an easier cut of soft steel materials or straightening rod than standard bolt cutters. Harsh rods or bars can be cut by the bottom part of edge and top of edge.

MCC RBC-3213 Ratchet Action Bolt Cutter

Best Comfort Grip Bolt Cutters - Bahco BAH4559

This tool is made of high efficiency alloy steel. The material is anti-corrosion treated. High-quality steel offers high cutting power at the start, during and finish of the cut. Rubber grips offer durability and a secure non-clip grip. Light handles offer easy control while cutting.

Bahco BAH4559-12 Bolt Cutter with Comfort Grip Handles

Bolt cutters should be an essential part of your toolbox. Such tools can be used to cut whatever you need from metal wires, cables and rods to padlocks and master locks. Bolt cutters can offer critical work during demolition and destruction.

Bolt cutters should be stored in a dry area that is free from damp to prevent rust in blades. The quality of the blades material not only helps to identify how well the cutters cut but also the durability and life-term of the blades and the strength with which they will cut the material.

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