AWS Postal Scales

The market offers a wide array of postal scales that differ in size, features, quality, price and more. We recommend you to choose only trustworthy brands.
Pay attention to AWS postal scales. They are characterized by precision and reliability. The items will provide you with accurate results.
It is possible to choose from the AMW, PS and Ship-Elite series. 

  • The AMW13 is a 13lb digital postal/kitchen scale. The device is easy to operate and has 4 keys for it. The item has a reliable construction. The weighing surface is large and made of stainless steel. The device also features a backlit LCD that shows the readings. The model is available in black or silver.
  • The AMW-SHIP330 is a 330lb shipping scale with a large weighing platform. The device also features a backlit remote indicator to see the results.
  • The PS-25 is a 25kg (or 55lb) postal scale with a large weighing surface. The results of weighing are shown on the backlit LCD. In addition, there is a built-in letter stand. The device is ideal for weighing mailing envelopes and small packages.
  • The SE-50 is a 110lb low-profile scale that has different weighing modes. The item features  a compact weighing surface and a remote LCD.

Please note that before using the scale, it is recommended to read the user’s manual. When using the device, it is important to know exactly its maximum capacity in order to avoid overloading. Otherwise, the device can operate incorrectly.
AWS devices are compact and portable, you can take them wherever you want, whenever you need. The scales are intended for home, office or industrial use.
Excellence is a priority for AWS. The company quality tests and checks the scales before selling. The devices are designed to serve you for decades.

Be effective with AWS!

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